Battle For Courage

We thank everyone for such a successful event, if you wish to help us reach our goal of $100,000 raised for Kevin, you can still make a Donation, or purchase a pair of Ogar Nanos:

Donations & Shoes

If you want to help us achieve our goal of raising $100,000 for Kevin, you can make a donation or purchase a pair of Ogar Strong Nanos. These Nanos are for sale for $200 cash, or $250 check. If you wish to pay with a card click here. They are available for pick up at CrossFit TNT for $250 (card) and for $350 (card) if you are unable to pick them up at our gym. Thank you to all who were a part of the Battle for Courage.

Welcome to the Battle for Courage #ogarstrong!

Kevin Ogar is a very close friend to CrossFit TNT, specifically myself and my husband Jeff. Kevin and I met about six years ago when he came home (Saint Peters, MO) from Colorado on vacation. At the time, we were both brand new to CrossFit. Over the years, we became great friends and I had the pleasure of seeing Kevin transform from an ordinary CrossFitter to an elite athlete.

In February, 2013, Kevin competed in TNT’s annual, “Battle for the Cup”, which he won. Since the heart-shattering accident, we had decided not to continue the same competition. We recognize how difficult his life will be and want to do everything we can to help him stay courageous and power-through this tough time. Mostly, because of the man he is, we feel compelled to turn an ordinary CrossFit competition into a CrossFit community fund-raising event, to raise money and awareness to help him face this life-altering change.

On behalf of Kevin Ogar, CrossFit TNT is presenting “Battle for Courage”. This is a three day event that will be held August 29th – 31st at 370 Lakeside Park, St. Peters, MO. This event will be unlike any we have had before, since the goal is to raise $100,000 and 100% of the proceeds will go to the Ogar Strong Foundation. We want to draw in CrossFitters from far and wide as well as businesses of the CrossFit community, to all come together to help make this a fun, family-friendly event.

Thank you again for being a part of something great!

CFTNT’S owner Rochelle Thayer made it on CF Radio who discusses the Battle For Courage #ogarstrong. Please share and pass along to everyone you know. Together we can get the word out and raise $100K for our dear friend Kevin Ogar Strong.

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