CrossFit Specialty Course: Kids @ CrossFit TNT, December 1st & 2nd


Course Description

The purpose of this course is to learn specific methods for teaching CrossFit to children and adolescents. Participants learn techniques to overcome the unique challenges of teaching kids CrossFit methodology, as well as how a CrossFit Kids program can help build one's affiliate. Attendees will also see how CrossFit Kids is changing the lives of children and teens around the world for the better. Other topics covered include neurological development as it relates to exercise, weightlifting, health and safety, programming, teaching styles, class structure, and kids games. Throughout the course, participants learn how to pair fitness with fun – which is essential in promoting a lifetime of fitness. Affiliate owners, teachers, coach...

CrossFit Level 2 Certificate Course @ CrossFit TNT- December 15 &16th



Course Description

The Level 2 Certificate Course (formerly the Coach’s Prep Course) builds on the concepts and movements introduced at the Level 1 Certificate Course. The course is ideally suited for all CrossFit trainers, emerging Affiliates, and anyone serious about developing quality in coaching techniques. Attendees will enhance their understanding of the CrossFit methodology, program design and implementation and advance their coaching skills.

Come prepared to be heavily engaged. Peers and instructors will provide coaching, evaluation, and feedback as you actively participate in lectures, small group work and workouts.

This course ends with an optional 40 question multiple-choice test. The test is administered on a personal lapt...

Christmas Party 2018!


The best part of the year is almost here! Our Christmas party where everyone is invited to join in for great company, unlimited drinks, amazing food, awards ceremony and so much more!Imagine having a cocktail in your hand, walking around the showroom looking at Classic Cars while chatting with your friends from TNT about working out!If you workout at TNT, then you are invited. CrossFitters, Swifters, Personal Training clients, Transformation Academy, Motherhood Strong and Legends. Great news is we will have a special Christmas Party for our CF youth kids on another day. The cost is $20 per person to attend this great evening. It includes:- An evening at Fast Lane Classic Cars event room https://my.matterport.com/show/?m=t1Wjr2oHjmb&utm_...

Trunk Or Treat @ TNT

RSVP here

TNT's Trunk Or Treat is a fundraiser to help our CrossFit Youth program. We need more equipment specialized for them and can’t do it without your help. We are looking to reach a goal of $900. This will be to purchase OSO training barbells, jump ropes, smaller sets of dumbbells and kettle bells.

Please take a minute as this will be your RSVP

Ticket prices include a chance for you to WIN in the categories below. You will be ask to decorate your trunk, dress up in custume and bring in your best tasting chili!$25 per person at the door. Cash only. (ages 6 and up)This includes 3 tickets per entry to play games inside. $15 children ages 2-5 per person at the door. Cash onlyThis include 3 tickets per entry to play games inside. ...

Transformation Academy - 4 Week Beginner Fitness Program starting on Sep 5th


Transformation Academy - Fitness for Beginners

This is a 4 week program that starts on Wednesday September 5th and ends on October 1st

Click here to secure a spot!

The program is $150 and includes

  • 12x45min transformation classes
  • 4x30min Swift classes
  • Nutrition guidelines
  • Online support and nutrition assignments through a closed FB group

Workout times:

  • Monday 6am-6:45am
  • Wednesday 6am-6:45am
  • Friday 6am-6:45am

This is a great fit for you if you

  • Have never exercised before or want to get back to exercising
  • Want individual coaching attention and motivation from a small group of like-minded individuals
  • Are looking to step up your workouts and nutrition for weight loss and better fitness

What happens if I can't make a class?

  • You will see results from 2x classes per week. The more classes you do the better the results will be. All transformation academy participants are allowed to take 1x Swift class per week (30min class without barbells) to ensure that you get enough workouts completed. We have 15x swift classes each week so you’ll be able to stay on track when things get hectic.

Click here to see our Swift schedule

How challenging will this class be?

  • This is a beginner program that will slowly progress through the 4 weeks. There will be low impact movements and no heavy lifting. Focus will be on cardio, stability, and slowly incorporate resistance training along with mobility work. If you are unsure about your status please stop by the gym for a no-sweat consultation and the coaches will be able to assist you.

I’m still skeptical about this whole thing

  • Please come in to the gym, take a look at the space, and talk to us. We’ll answer any question you have. If you think this will be too easy or hard we’ll be able to direct you to another class offering.

What kind of results can I expect?

  • The more classes you take and the more you adhere to the nutrition guidelines the better your results will be. We’ve done many successful Transformation Academies and on average people will get fitter, stronger, lose weight as well as inches. 4 weeks is a fairly short time but you’ll surprise yourself on how much progress can be made.

The program is coached and designed by CrossFit TNT’s head coach Oscar Isacsson. Oscar has an undergraduate degree in Exercise Science and a Masters degree in Human Performance. He is one of few L3 certified coaches in the state with extensive experience in individual and group training. Read more about Oscar here -> http://www.crossfit-tnt.com/oscar-isacsson

Click here to secure a spot! Only 10 spots available

CrossFit TNT's Corporate Fitness Program


We at CrossFit TNT are launching a new corporate wellness program. We’ve been helping people lose weight and feel great since 2009. We want to collaborate with you and provide a fitness option that suits your employees and company. Our staff of full-time fitness professionals who love to help people get healthier can help your company thrive.
We get that working out can be hard and seem daunting. Our job is to make working out safe, fun, and effective. We will take your team through workouts that are fun, engaging, and modifies the difficulty level to suit your needs. The level of individualization we can apply to a group is what makes TNT different. We have 4 separate options that you can choose to incorporate based on your needs and goals. Our goal is to get people healthier and enjoy their fitness program. This will lead to a happier staff, more productive work days, and better team cohesion.
  1. Health lecture - 1h free presentation with our head coach
  2. Team building event - 4h session filled with fitness and challenges suitable for all levels
  3. 21-day fitness challenge - Two teams going head to head earning points by living a healthy life
  4. On-site group training - We take our professionals to you and guide you through energizing and fun workouts

Health Lecture
Our 1st option is a fitness and health lecture. Our head coach Oscar Isacsson will come to your work for free and give a 30-60min lecture filled with practical fitness tips. He holds a bachelor's degree in exercise science, a master’s degree in human performance, and is one of few L3 coaches in the state.
  • Nutrition
    • Effective fat loss strategies
    • Most common mistakes
  • Lifestyle strategies for better health
  • Fitness
    • Where to start, what’s important, and goal of working out
Cost for the employer:
  • FREE
Team Building Event
This will be like no other team building event you have done before. Going bowling and attending an escape room are all great events, however, this will make your team work together AND learn about fitness. Our instructors are very well versed in working with new beginners. No previous workout experience is needed for this event. This is a 4h team building event where we split your group into teams. Friendly competition within our gym will make a fun, stimulating, and team-oriented day. We will warm everyone up, play some interactive fitness games, do stretching/mobility, do a brief fitness lecture to allow for a little break, and a group workout. TNT will provide snacks and beverages for all participants.
  • Build a more cohesive team and have fun doing it
  • Great for camaraderie and fitness at the same time.
  • Friendly competition between 2 teams that will all leave as better co-workers
  • ½ day team building event
    • 4h at TNT (snacks provided, manageable for all fitness levels)
  • Warm-up games, stretching/mobility, tech practice of exercises, brief conditioning, break combined with 30min health lecture (TNT provides beverages and snacks), bigger team effort to wrap up the day
Cost for the employer:
  • $80 per person for a group that’s 6-12 people (1 coach)
  • 65$ per person for 13-24 people (2 coaches)
21-day Fitness Challenge
Challenges are great ways to get everyone a little extra motivated. We will run this challenge for you and do everything from pre-tests and measurements, food education, create a points system to improve lifestyle and take the participants through workouts each week. This set-up will provide great results because it allows us to cover all the important aspects of fitness which is nutrition and similar lifestyle factors.
  • Inspire teammates to reach their health goal
  • Friendly competition for bragging rights
  • Baseline fitness testing at the gym (workout, measurements, lecture explaining the rules)
    • 2x1h workouts per week at TNT for all participants
    • Daily logging of points (vegetable intake, sleep, etc)
    • 21-day challenge
  • Group points added together along with the progress
  • $99 per person for a team of 6-12 people (1 coach)
  • $109 per person for a team of 13-24 (2 coaches)

On-Site Group Training
We will come to your facility and take your group through a 1h training session. We will do a warm-up, practice technique of the movements we will do, and then finish with a fun workout that anyone can participate in. This is a great way for you to get a sample of what our coaches and training can do for your team. This will be a fun break in the day where everyone will learn something valuable about fitness. This is great for you that have the space for a working out or possibly an existing fitness facility.
Cost for the employer:
  • FREE

Support Smashley- The Clash Of The Classes


This Summer’s edition The Clash Of The Classes is in support of Ashley Schroeder and her road to the Crossfit Games. 100% of the proceeds will go directly to her. This will help with her registration fee, her hotel for the week and anything else that TNT can do to make her funds as smooth a possible.
Our goal is to get at least 44 athletes to register for the Clash. That’s only 22 per team. (DP & NF)
Plus, anyone else who can’t make it but would like to help by purchasing a Smashley shirt/tank or even just donating can do so!

https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdGtjCED-BWXGdJY0OL1UfvEijGDtXbSgabs4pCNY_8KjU-gg/viewformWe thank everyone in advance for your continued support as we would do the same for anyone else w...

Swift Boot Camp Summer Challenge


Swift Summer Challenge

Want some extra motivation to workout? Ready to improve your fitness and pick up some CASH at the same time? Struggling with motivation and need some extra accountability?


It’s hard to stay motivated sometimes and we need a little extra something to keep us going. This will be a fun way to keep you extra motivated by offering some prizes, putting some extra skin in the game, and having fun with like minded individuals.

This challenge is for you if:

  • You want extra accountability
  • You want to raise the stakes and push extra hard towards your goals
  • Get social support to stay on track
  • Win some CASH?!

Sounds pretty cool doesn’t it? Win money and reach your fitness goals would be pretty sweet :)

Here is how the challenge works:

  • The Challenge lasts for 21 days
  • Everyone pitches in $10 each
  • The top Swifters will win CASH based on how well they either improve their measurements or how many fitness points they accumulate

Cash payout:

  • 1st Points person gets 50% of the $
  • 1st Measurement person gets 50% of the $

Challenge rules:

  • You have to start with baseline measurements and re-test them at the end.
    • Circumference taken around waist, hips, legs, and arms
  • Bingo sheet points system
    • You get 1 point for each “Bingo” item you achieve daily. Swifters are accountable for logging and keeping track of their points daily as well as weekly. There will be a weekly points submission through a google drive questionnaire.
  • Failure to comply with submission deadlines, show up at the gym for scheduled pretest and retest times will result in a forfeit of the entry fee.


  1. No alcohol allowed. ZERO. Will you die if you have a glass of wine? Of course not, however, you do lose out on a point. Please don’t fall for the “Well I’ve lost my alcohol point already I might as well have 12 more beers and 6 more shots”.
  2. These are non starchy vegetables. Corn, beans, potato, and sweet potato does not count. Need a size reference? Picture a baseball, that’s the size of a cup. Spread out your intake through the day as desired.
  3. This is time spent sleeping and not laying in bed. Turn OFF netflix, plan your evening out, and go to bed. Have to get up super early? Go to bed early.
  4. 3g of Fish-oil. Eating a serving of fish or seafood will suffice as well. If you want a product recommendation follow this link -> https://www.amazon.com/shop/cftnt
  5. Have 20g of protein either 1h before exercise or 1h after exercise. This could be any protein source (egg, meat, greek yogurt, protein shake, and etc).
  6. No liquid calories except for protein shakes. Allowed beverages are unsweet tea, black coffee, water, and sparkling water without added sugar.
  7. Any class at the gym counts as a workout. You can only get 1 workout point per day.
  8. Working ‘In’ is restorative practices that helps you recover. Think stretching, foam rolling, swift relax, yoga, and meditation.
  9. Protein is king when improving body composition. With each full meal make sure you have a serving of protein. A serving is at least 20g of protein. If you don’t know how much protein is in food this is a great time to do some research :) A quick google search is all you need.
  10. Wheat ingredients are not allowed. Gluten is not the devil, however, it’s very easy to overeat donuts, pizza, and breadsticks. Going for a gluten free replacements is allowed but not encouraged.
  11. No added sugar is allowed. This might be the most challenging point to get. Stick to whole and unprocessed foods as much as possible. Read labels and stay away from this
    1. agave syrup
    2. brown sugar
    3. cane juice and cane syrup
    4. confectioners’ sugar
    5. corn sweetener and corn syrup
    6. dextrose
    7. fructose
    8. fruit juice concentrates
    9. glucose
    10. granulated white sugar
    11. high-fructose corn syrup
    12. honey
    13. invert sugar
    14. lactose
    15. maltose
    16. malt syrup
    17. molasses
    18. raw sugar
    19. sucrose
    20. Syrup.
  12. 15 min of outdoor time. Soak up some vitamin D and de-stress. This can be broken up if needed.
  13. Write down in a digital or paper document three things that you are grateful for. It has to be 3 new items each day added to the same document.
  14. Do something unexpectedly nice for someone. This doesn’t have to be a grand gesture just try to make the effort to put a smile on someone's face without expecting anything in return. Random examples:
    1. Tell a coworker that their new haircut looks really good
    2. Hold the door up for someone who needs a hand
    3. Tip extra for great service
    4. Call your parents
    5. Give you friends the ‘tough love’ they need
  15. Fill up a tall glass of water and drink before your meal. Can be done 30min up until the first bite has gone down. Have at last 12oz.
  16. If you can not make a class at the gym you can still earn ½ a point by doing this workout
    1. 800m Run
    2. 60 Jumping Jacks
    3. 50 Walking lunges
    4. 40 Sit-ups
    5. 30 Air squats
    6. 20 Burpees
    7. 10 Push-ups
    8. 1min Plank (break up if needed)

The challenge starts on Monday May 14th

The challenge ends on Sunday June 3rd

Pre-test = Anytime before May 14th. Sign up for Swift class and take measurements before or after class. Message Coach Oscar if needed.

Post test = Anytime before Monday June 4th

Here’s how you get signed up:

  • Go to facebook, search for the group ‘Swift Boot Camp Summer Challenge’ and request to join
  • We will use this page for points submission and scheduling of measurements

The pretest and cash payment will be done before the starting date. The re-test has to be done before or on June 3rd.

The tiebreaker from the points competition will be most completed workouts.

For example let's say 2 people have the same amount of points at the end. The winner is the person who completed the most amount of workouts at the gym. I’ll use mindbody to run the numbers so make sure that you sign up for class AND unsign yourself up if classes is missed.

- The tie breaker for the measurement competition will be the person with the lowest starting baseline measurement even if the % improvement is the same.

Let’s commit to your goals and step up the intensity!

Legends Strength & Conditioning - Group Exercise Program for 65-75 year olds


Legends Strength & Conditioning

We are very pleased with the fitness improvements seen from our Legends class. This is tailored towards those that are 65-75 years old and want to stay in shape. Life becomes so much easier when you have the strength and endurance to handle daily tasks. We want to help give people the confidence and ability to do the activities they enjoy. Having stronger legs, better endurance, more flexibility, increased balance, will help greatly in everyday activities. This class isn’t about lifting heavy weights or bike ride super fast. This class is about helping people confidently climb stairs, walk their dogs, carry groceries, and play with their grandchildren.

  • Tailored for individuals that are 65-75 years old
  • Exercise program designed to help people confidently climb stairs, walk their dogs, carry groceries, and play with their grandchildren.
  • Monthly memberships and drop in options available
  • Workouts are on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8am
  • Each workout is 45min long

Membership levels
  • 2x classes per week is $79 per month
  • 1x class per week is $54 per month
  • Drop in class $20
  • Punch card of 10 visits $180

Classes roll over from one week to the next. For example, if “Sally” with a 1x membership misses a week she can do 2x classes the following week.

This link is for the drop ins and 10 visit pass:

This link is for the monthly renewing memberships:

Legends strength & conditioning classes are on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8am. The workouts are performed at 3683 New Town Blvd and will be 45min long. The program consists of low impact cardio training, stretching, and functional movements designed to increase independence. Participants will work out with people of similar age and similar ability. The workouts are tailored to this specific population and no previous workout experience is needed.

This program starts on May 8th.
Location: 3683 New Town Blvd, CrossFit TNT
Info about the coach:Head Coach Oscar has a bachelor's degree in exercise science and a masters in Human performance. He’s been with TNT for over 5 years and has great experience working with all levels of fitness.

If you want to get a tour of the gym before starting or just ask some questions please call coach Oscar at 636 - 328 3701.

Workout example:
  • Dynamic/static stretching to warm up
  • 3min of work, 1 min rest, rotate through bike, rower, and ski erg. 2 rounds.
  • Strengthening exercises, 3-4 sets of 10
    • Ring rows, squat to a box, dumbbell strict press
  • Finish the session with balance specific exercises and core strength

Transformation Academy - 4 Week Exercise and Nutrition Group Program for Beginners


Transformation Academy - 4 Week Fitness Program for Exercise Beginners

- 4 Week beginner friendly program

- 3 Workouts per week (45min each)

- Very high personal accountability

- Weekly weigh ins and measurements

- Individualised nutrition plan

The Transformation Academy is $199 and includes 4 weeks of semi-private workouts (12 workout sessions that last 45min), 5x30min Swift classes for makeup sessions, and a nutrition program)

You are expected to make 3 classes per week
You are expected to log your food and follow your specific nutrition goal during all 4 weeks
We will weigh in and measure every week

Dates & Times-

Registration begins: April 10th

First Workout: April 23rd

Last Workout: May 19th

Transformation Academy workout times:

Mondays 6pm

Thursday’s 6pm

Saturday’s 9:30am

If you are ready to commit follow this link and secure your spot in the program:


Do you need an exercise program that will help you boost your metabolism, lose stubborn pounds, get fitter, or reach that goal you have for 2018? This program is for you.

This is the 10th edition of the Transformation Academy and it’s been a great success for many participants. Each training session is 45min long. There will be a slow and gradual warm-up. Mobility and stability work is included in each session for better longevity and resilience. We will be lifting weights such as dumbbells and medicine balls. There will not be any heavy lifting or overly technical lifts. Conditioning will be an important part of the program, however, we will not do a lot of running. Each workout will be concluded with a cool down and mobility work for optimal recovery. These workouts are designed to boost your metabolism and make you fitter. Each workout will be modified to each individual's ability.

Previous participants have been able to lose weight, improve their endurance, strengthen their core, lose inches around their waist, and increase overall fitness in only 4 weeks. That’s what the previous groups have achieved and now it’s your turn. The Transformation Academy has a limited amount of spots and they will go fast. Reserve your spot today and start the journey towards better health. We will only accept 5 participants.

Transformation Academy is a 4-week fitness & nutrition program. The goal of the program is to make you healthier and kick start a long term weight loss journey. This program is designed for beginners. No previous training experience is needed. The program consists of low impact exercises with a slow and gradual increase in intensity. This is a great fit for you if you have never worked out or have been away from the gym for a long time. There are only 5 spots available to ensure great individual attention and coaching. The exercise program is a combination of resistance training and cardio for maximum fat loss results.

The Transformation Academy is only open to non-members of TNT. The program is 4 weeks long with 3 workouts per week (45min). The more classes you take the better your results will be. Alongside the workouts, there will be nutritional guidance to help the participants lose weight and get healthier. Every participant will get continuous nutritional coaching throughout the 4 weeks. We will be doing check-ins to measure the progress.

The program is coached and designed by CrossFit TNT’s head coach Oscar Isacsson. Oscar has an undergraduate degree in Exercise Science and a Masters degree in Human Performance. He is one of few L3 certified coaches in the state with extensive experience in individual and group training.

General info:

  • The workouts will be at TNT (3683 New Town Blvd, St. Charles)
  • The program will start on
  • Limited to 5 people (This program is not for current TNT members)
  • Nutritional education with guidelines, support, meal plan examples and much more. This program is designed for weight loss and improving health.
  • If a workout is missed the participants may take 1 Swift class per week to help stay on pace. Swift is a 30min beginner friendly class with 14x times to choose from.

This is our 10th edition of the Transformation Academy and we are very happy with the success of the clients so far. The participants that have done the best have 1 thing in common, they show up. Consistency is the biggest predictor of how well you will do at the end of the challenge. This is not going to be easy or a quick fix. It’s hard work that is doable and will give you great results.

Email or call now to ask some questions! If you are interested in seeing the gym please contact Oscar and he will give you a tour.


636 - 328 3701

The Swift class is TNT’s beginner friendly class that’s 30 min long. If a Transformation Academy participant misses a class they can make it up by taking 1x Swift class per week.

The Swift class times are:

  • Monday 7am & 7:30pm
  • Tuesday 7am & 5pm
  • Wednesday 7am & 7:30pm
  • Thursday 10am & 5pm (babysitting available)
  • Friday 10am & 5pm
  • Saturday 8am & 11:30am
  • Sunday 8:30am


What happens if I miss a class?

Even if you miss a few classes you'll still be able to see great results from 2-3 classes per week. With the additional Swift classes, you have plenty of options to stay on pace.

Will you have another Transformation Academy soon?

We do not have another date set and we don’t do these classes often. If you are thinking about it act now!

I’m really out of shape can I do this?

This program is designed for people who are not working out or have ever worked out. We will be able to slowly bring you back to better fitness. If you are still apprehensive please call and stop by the gym. We'll be able to walk you through what type of exercises we will be doing and together we can make sure that it's an appropriate level.

What does a class look like?

The class will be 45min long. first 10-15min will be a slow and gradual warm-up. The next 10-15min we will focus on 1-2 movements for the day this can be a lift with dumbbells, bodyweight, or conditioning such as the rower. From min 30-40 we will be doing a faster pace circuit. The final 5min will be a cooldown and stretch.

I can only make 2 classes will I still see results?

As stated above with 13x Swift classes to choose from per week you should be able to find a time to make-up a class. You will see benefit from 2 classes, however, the more classes you take the faster your progress will be. There are no required amount of classes that you have to take, however, we recommend doing 3 classes per week.

Is this a CrossFit class?

This is not a CrossFit class. We will be working on the fundamentals of bodyweight movements, some lighter dumbbell & medicine ball work, as well as conditioning work with bikes and rowers. There is no barbell lifting and no high-skill gymnastics movement

If you are ready to commit follow this link and secure your spot in the program: