April Programming Shenanigans


The last month was a great time at TNT. We wrapped up the Open and there were so many memorable performances from all 4 teams. We had a record high participation and the workouts did not disappoint.

Now is the time to re-evaluate what workouts you did well on and what you need to improve for next year. We prepped for the Open for an extended period of time and with 5 weeks of grueling workouts (and maybe more workout anxiety than usual), it's time to switch gears. For this month we will purposely get away from Open style workouts and start to incorporate a broader range of tasks. Get ready for Sled pushes, Yokes, Kettlebells, Rope climbs, Running, Sandbags, TGU, Crawls, and loaded Carries. This will add variety, decrease repetitive movements, and help us become more well-rounded.

With the warming weather, we will be getting outside more often as well as starting a running progression. We will be running 2-3 times per week. Starting with a lower running volume and slowly increase it through the month. The distance can always be scaled and rowers/bikes can be used for the same progression. This will set us up to crush future benchmarks such as "Helen", 5K run, and "Murph".

Our heavy squats will continue of course twice a week. We will be adding an extra day between sessions so for April we will squat on Monday&Thursday for 1 week and then Tuesday&Friday for the next week and then rotate back again.

April will be a great month for improving movement through a squat therapy primary focus along with free mobility classes. The Saturday and Sunday mobility class will NOT count as a visit during April. Use this class to find what your limitations are and how to improve them. This will make you a better and more resilient CrossFitter.


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