Athlete Of The Month - Nick Hearn


Let me start by saying thank you for choosing me as Athlete of the month, it is an extreme honor and a personal achievement that I am very proud of. I’m still a little shocked that I was chosen with so many great athletes at TNT. With that being said there is only one reason I was selected. The incredible coaches. Kyle constantly pushing me out of my comfort zone, Oscar answering all of my 1000 questions, Rochelle making sure my form is perfect and not allowing me to cheat, Bre always keeping me motivated, the list goes on and on. Without your help and guidance, I would probably be at home sitting on my couch letting life pass me by.

I have always been an active person whether I was playing sports, riding motorcycles, going to the gym, camping, fishing, or just generally always being outside. But when I got out of the Navy in 2012 I could just tell something was missing, I was lacking that drive and energy I once had that kept me going. I was putting on weight and started to notice I wasn’t able to do the things I used to be able to do. So after many failed attempts at getting in back shape on my own, I decided to call the ”Crossfit place” down the street. I was hooked immediately after my first foundations class, even though Rochelle killed me in that class and I could barely do a pull-up. I knew that I had found what I needed and that Crossfit was the answer I had been looking for. The community and camaraderie at TNT was unbelievable. I felt like I was really a part of something amazing from the very beginning.

The changes I saw from Crossfit were immediate, my clothes started to fall off of me, I had more energy throughout the day, I felt better at work, I didn’t get tired doing daily tasks, and the WODs were starting to get a little easier. The workouts still challenge me in every way and I still have days that I leave TNT frustrated with how I did on a WOD. But now instead of being down on myself, I think about how I’m going to attack the next workout and kill it. Thank you again for selecting me for Athlete of the month, and bringing me into this incredible community. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me in Crossfit. Here’s to meeting many goals and smashing PRs in 2017.


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