Athlete Of The Month- Allison Kaiser


I am so excited to have been chosen to be athlete of the month! I’ve led an active lifestyle for as long as I can remember. I played volleyball and softball as a kid, and was a competitive cheerleader in high school. I distinctly remember being 14 years old, and watching my friends chow down on French fries and 32 ounce sodas before practice in high school, and realizing that I couldn’t eat that way in order to maintain my weight. From that point forward, I consistently exercised and watched what I ate in some way, shape, or form. By the time I walked into CrossFit TNT a little over two years ago, I had tried it all: from step aerobics, spinning, boot camp, exercise videos and body pump, to training for half marathons and putting in serious time on my local Globo Gym’s treadmills. Each form of exercise that I had tried ended with me eventually getting bored and no longer feeling challenged. Also, I ate a steady diet of relatively healthy foods, but also ate a fair share of processed “diet food.”


So I decided to try CrossFit. My fiancé and I had just moved to New Town, we were getting married soon, and of course I wanted to look fit in my wedding dress. The gym was close to home, so it was the perfect time to give TNT a shot. Walking into my first real CrossFit class after finishing Foundations, I anticipated getting my butt kicked. I expected to walk out the door completely wrecked and exhausted, and I was pretty pleased that my expectations were fulfilled. I was hooked immediately, but I was also incredibly humbled. I assumed that after all of my years of consistent exercise and weight lifting, there couldn’t be anything left that would push me that hard. There were so many things that I didn’t even know I couldn’t do: pull ups, muscle ups, ring dips, hand stand pushups, and double unders, to name a few. I was a little overwhelmed, but the coaches always had a modification to help get me there, and the other people in class were so encouraging and welcoming. Little by little, the new-to-me movements improved, and I have been excited to hit some of the goals that I set out to accomplish after I started. Double unders finally clicked after almost 18 months, and I can now string together a few unassisted pull ups.


I had a lot of expectations when I joined TNT two years ago, but I’ve been most happy about the things I didn’t anticipate. I hadn’t anticipated learning anything new about nutrition, and didn’t have any plans to change the way I ate when I first joined. After participating in one of the gym’s nutrition challenges, I slowly phased out most of the processed junk 90% of the time; I completely cut out dairy after realizing it was the culprit behind my acne, and I now focus on eating whole foods the vast majority of the time. I kicked the diet mentality that I had gotten so accustomed to. I realized that when I ate REAL food, I didn’t need to count calories.

I never imagined I’d meet a whole group of people that I would eventually call my friends, and to become part of a community of people that support and encourage each other at every class. I definitely didn’t expect to be walking out the gym over two years later, still completely wrecked and exhausted, and still loving every minute of it. That’s what I’ve enjoyed the most about CrossFit. The constant variation keeps things challenging, and there’s never the opportunity to get bored. There will always be more weight to add to the barbell. There will always be seconds to shave off of my benchmark WODs. And there will most likely always be skills to try to master.

I’ve come a long way since joining CrossFit in 2014, and I have the wonderful coaches at TNT to thank. They’re not only patient (can you say 9 months of pregnancy modifications?), but obviously knowledgeable and passionate about what they do. Thank you all for pushing me at every class, and making TNT a place I look forward to going. And thanks to my husband, Sebastian, for being supportive, re-igniting my competitive spirit (what’s your PR, bro?), and keeping the complaining about my healthy cooking to a minimum.


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