Athlete Of The Month- Lauren Burcea


Athlete of the Month- wow, what an honor! There are many terms I might use to describe myself: wife, daughter, sister, runner, "CrossFitter", etc. I played sports growing up, but nothing really as an adult except working out in the gym on machines. I never really considered myself to be an athlete. Athletes are those really in-shape folks with lots of muscles who win races and stuff, right?! I recently saw a comment posted by Rochelle that basically said the moment you walk into TNT, you are an athlete. The Webster's dictionary describes an athlete as, "a person who is trained in or good at sports, games, or exercises that require physical skill and strength". While "good" might be a relative term here, I definitely train in CrossFit using the foundations learned at TNT. Hmm, I'll try athlete on this month and see how it feels.

I first came to CrossFit TNT several years ago and stayed for a year and half. Every day that I came I did my workout and left. I made friends, some of which are still around TNT today- but I quit.

About a year and half ago I started running. I was barely running. However, I was moving and moving a lot quicker than anyone sitting on a couch or sleeping in on a snowy Sunday morning. I ran my first mile without stopping- EVER. It was slow, but it felt amazing. Since then I've run several 5K's and am working to improve my running. Completing my first 5K and the coaches I had through my running program helped me realize it doesn't matter if you are the fastest, it matters that you had a goal and completed it and possibly most importantly, forgive yourself.

Last year I decided I to try CrossFit again. I'd changed my diet with the running and I knew that CrossFit workouts would be good for me and my personal goals. I've also reflected on why I left CrossFit the first time. A variety of reasons led me to leave TNT, but it boiled down to fear and ignorance. The fear was due to my embarrassment of my inability to feel like I could ever stack up to others. My ignorance was due to the fact that I didn't need to stack up to others, but only to my own ability and I hadn't realized this yet. I needed to grow more mentally before I could move forward, a process I started through running. 

My attitude toward CrossFit is different this time. Besides being a good workout that helps me keep my sanity in a crazy world, CrossFit helped me to see I only needed to compete with myself. In realizing this, I was open to figuring out that it's not just the workouts that I benefit from, but the people I see every day and inspire me to do my best both in the gym and in life through "good eats". The amazing feeling I had when I ran a mile is the same feeling I get at CrossFit when I hit a deadlift or clean PR and the elusive double under. It feels great and part of what drives me to keep fulfilling my goals.


The coaches at TNT give me/us their best in coaching to help us learn, train safely and meet our goals. From the first time I met Rochelle to learn about this crazy sport, I could tell she would be a tough trainer, but also caring about those she works with. I appreciate that quality in her, Oscar and all the coaches at TNT. I feel motivated to achieve even when I don't think I can achieve. I know that each time I come in to TNT someone will be there to encourage me or make me laugh and glad I came in. Thank you Rochelle, Jeff, Oscar and everyone else for making CrossFit TNT a great place to build athletes!


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