Athletes Of The Month- Dana & Andrew Hughes


It's a real honor to be CrossFit TNT Athletes of the Month! We have always been active people. Whether we were running, cycling, hiking, golfing, or pretty much anything else you can do outside we were happy!

We were first convinced to try CrossFit by Daniela Cabral when we went to a bring-a-friend event. Watching the Thursday night 6 o'clock class before ours was intimidating. Seeing the athletes do countless pull-ups and handstand push-ups we felt it was impossible we could ever do the same.

After surviving bring-a-friend night, we decided to sign up for foundations. Our classes with Courtney were tough but fun and encouraging! We learned so much in those classes even though some moves felt like we would never get them right!

Our drive and determination to get better and be healthier has kept us going! The encouragement of all of the coaches at CrossFit TNT has been the best push! It has also been something new to us. Our form of working out in a gym previous was just going from machine to machine at a big University gym where nobody is there to help, push, or encourage you.


We had heard from so many people that "CrossFit is so dangerous." But all of the coaches at TNT really focus on proper form, and that is a strong pull that keeps us at TNT! Plus, it doesn't hurt that all of our fellow athletes are such great people and have become great friends!

We love that we get to workout with each other too!! When one of us is feeling worn down from a long day, it is nice to have each other to stay motivated and tackle the next workout. We always have a fun competitive drive with each other too! It is also fun doing CrossFit inspired workouts at the hotel gym on vacation, and intimidating normal people!


There is no doubt that we will continue being a part of the TNT family! We look forward to all of the great insights the coaches have to help us get better! We also look forward to our friendships growing with everybody and one day soon - handstand push-ups!

Thank you, TNT Coaches!

Andrew and Dana Hughes


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