Clash of the Classes


When: June 11th, 8am-12 pm
Where: TNT and New Town area
What: This year the challenge will begin with a WOD at TNT. There will be teams of 4 people (drawn from a hat on the day of) from either Night Flight or Dawn Patrol finding clues and completing tasks on bike around the near by St. Charles area. The bike riding will be broken up into 3 legs. The longest leg will be about a 20 minute bike ride at a leisurely pace. Helmets are encouraged!
Price: $49 per person, snacks and lunch provided. All proceeds go funding new equipment for TNT.
Prize: The winning team of 4 will each receive a pair of Reebok nano's
Sign Up Here: Clash of the Classes under events on desktop, or go to the date of event on app.


3683 New Town Blvd,

St. Charles, MO 63301

Phone. 636-724-6464