End Of Year Wrap Up for 2017


As the year wraps up, we would like to take a moment to say thank you. Your support is a huge part of CrossFit TNT’s success, and personally speaking, it means a lot to us.

We hope you feel good too, knowing you’re part of something impactful. At TNT we aren’t just working out; we’re changing the lives around us. Since we began, we’ve hit some amazing milestones:

We offer over 54 group classes a week, including: CF Group, SWIFT, Olympic Lifting & CF Kids.
Transformation Academy has taken on its own and continues to help those who are just starting out.
We have expanded our Personal Training to numerous training sessions a day.
Our Foundations continues to grow nice and steady through each month.
Our attendance of athletes are at an all time high:

For the year of 2015 we had 14,194 work out at TNT.

For the year of 2017 we had 19,359 walk through our door to workout.

That is a lot of lifting, cardio, gymnastics, sweat, blood, tears and a lot of disinfectant wipes!!

We’re incredibly proud of the work we do. We’re proud of our box, coaches and staff of course, but we’re also proud of the fact that each and every single one of you have make the commitment to better yourselves. As a small business we are able to employee over 13 staff members. And that is because of you. And that’s the mark of a great year.

Thank you for being part of it.


3683 New Town Blvd,

St. Charles, MO 63301

Phone. 636-724-6464