From My Beginning To Yours - Blog #29


Months ago, I set out to meet 2 goals by this July. The 1st goal was to complete unassisted pushups. When I started my CrossFit journey in May of 2015 I was unable to do a push up. As with all things CrossFit, there are scaled variations of this movement. For several months my push up was done from a low level squat rack, weight bench, and then eventually on the ground. Once I was on the ground, I continued to scale by lifting the top half of my body, hips and legs to follow. In April I got my 1st full push up and have since continued to work on my strength and form and am now able to do multiple reps. It’s so easy to lose sight of how far I’ve come; but, when I really think about how hard it was to do those 1st push ups, think about how I was not able to get my chest to the barbell during each rep I realize that for all the work I’ve put in the results are there and have earned the right not to be ignored.

The 2nd Goal I set was to complete my 1st unassisted pull up. I started out using two grey bands and have worked very hard at decreasing my resistance. Most recently, I completed a set using a green and blue band. I was very excited that I felt comfortable with that level of resistance and will continue to work for the unassisted pull ups.

As for this month’s personal goals I’m going to take on a 5k this weekend to work on my time and continue to work towards my double under with a jump rope.

In the last couple weeks I’ve fought myself on hitting the snooze button for my gym time in the mornings, feeling tired from long, busy, summer days and running on less sleep than I should- my months of consistently making it in 4 times a week have taken a toll. There have been several weeks I’ve only made it to the gym 3 times. I share this because it’s true to who I am. I am human, not perfect and certainly not immune to feeling a funk. Admittedly, I think I may have been in a funk, but, the reason I point this out is that no matter my feelings going in, I’m always thankful on the way out. Thankful I showed up and put in the work- for me. In the end, not just for the better of me, but, for my family as a whole. Having said that, I am making myself accountable for those 4 days by telling all of you.

After getting back to the swing of things for a few weeks I’m going to start adding in a 5th day a week for the 1st time. 1 week at a time, pushing to the next level.

Well, lots of thoughts going on about progression, plans, and changes to further what I’m doing for myself through good nutrition, time, and dedication in the gym. Thanks to all of you for sticking through this with me and supporting me along the way.

It’s always my hope that the struggles and successes I experience can some how help some of you who may be having the same feelings. The thing about fitness is that as a society we view it as optional and what I’ve learned is that it is as essential as brushing our teeth. One more step of caring for our bodies and our minds. What are you doing for yours? Just think…


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