From My Beginning To Yours - Blog #31


Sshhh! Do you hear that? It’s the sound of quiet in my home. It’s 2 AM and I’m awake. Wide awake. I often have trouble sleeping. A lot of times, I’ll read when I can’t sleep. While that is great for the amount of books I read in a year it’s inevitably not so great for being rested. This particular day, in the pre-dawn hours, I’m not reading, I’m thinking. Thinking about the day ahead and the one that came before. Naturally my thoughts fall to my children. My husband. My family.

It occurs to me how much my daughter has been talking about strength lately. Asking questions about people’s body composition in regards to muscles and exercise. I’ve even noticed she has picked up on saying things like “that’s not healthy for our bodies” to her brother when he is wanting to eat a lifetime supply of fruit snacks. Which of course makes me laugh and feel proud all at once.

I think of my son who is 2 and how he likes to “lift” with his toy horse or broom, really anything that can be used as a barbell. How he asks me when he gets up in the morning if I’ve done my “weights” yet for the day.

I think of all these things, in the quiet of my house, with maybe some light snoring in the background, and I smile.

I fall down the CrossFit rabbit hole in my head. In May of 2015 when I met Rochelle Thayer, owner of CrossFit TNT, I had stopped working as a Social Worker and started my journey as a stay at home Mom just a few short months before, in January. In adjusting to such a big change I gained more weight, was out of shape, almost out of clothes that fit and in need of changing things for my health before I ate myself into a health problem.

The level in which you want something, such as staying home with your kids does not take away from the change in identity you feel when you do it. For any parent, any person. In needing something to change physically and looking for the peace of mind that says I am doing the best for me in order to be my best for my family I took a chance on CrossFit.

In reflecting, I’m thinking for the first time, how like everything else our children see us say and do- they are a sponge. Before I made this change I hadn’t thought about how my fitness and nutritional choices indirectly would affect my kids.

I think, how thankful I am, how I believe that right at the time I needed it most- God orchestrated my meeting Rochelle. As a result what has followed I never could have imagined. The loss of over 40 lbs. The loss of so many inches that I am wearing jeans that are 5 sizes smaller than when I began. The development of a love of lifting. These are all things I couldn’t have really processed happening, I can’t imagine what’s to come.

Most importantly though, I’ve made an impact on my family. Knowing that from our kiddos young ages they are learning not about diets and societal standards but about being healthy and strong, and, that is beautiful!

Well, at this point it’s about time to get up and I’m definitely a few hours short of sleep; but, I know it’s OK to rest easy. When I take care of me it certainly is also reflected in them.

Get involved, find fitness that works for you, lead by example. Even if you are not a parent, someone is watching you. You inspire someone. What messages are you sending? Do it! You deserve it!


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