From My Beginning To Yours - Blog #35


Yesterday, I had the privilege of competing in the Festivus Games at CrossFit St. Charles. For my partner Jenn and I, it was our first competition outside of our home box, CF-TNT. For others, it was the 2nd, 5th or 10th. Who knows? What I do know is that we all came together after hours, days and months of blood sweat and sometimes tears to get a taste of competing and it was awesome!

There were 3 different (WOD's) workouts and 1 floating workout for each team to complete. Jenn and I competed at the beginner level, novice. After reviewing the rules, instructional videos and putting in 2 practice days we were as ready as we could be. Filled with excitement and nerves it was go-time!

First up for us, the floating WOD, each completing a 250-meter row and 120 single unders with the jump rope. I'm glad we did this 1st and that we got our singles in unbroken. It acted as a good portion of warm up for us as well. The three other workouts consisted of things like a finding the maximum weight we can lift for a 3 deadlift, 1 hang power clean and 2 front squat complex, wall balls, sprints, burpees box jumps/walk ups.

Like everything CrossFit there was a series of emotions throughout the day. Excitement, determination, nervousness, defeat, exhaustion, gratefulness, awe.

It was a great way to learn about competing and spend time with so many other great athletes. So many congratulations to Laura and Ashley from CF-TNT for taking 1st place for the Women's intermediate level! Amazing!

Thank you CF-St. Charles for having us and most of all thank you to our coaches for teaching us, encouraging us and caring about us as your athletes! None of us would be where we are without your guidance!


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