From My Beginning To Yours - Blog #36


This month I've gone from being unsure and scared for my first CrossFit competition, The Festivus Games, to not only going through with it but also signing up for a team competition this December. It feels great to have the fear of the unknown behind me and feel capable and excited to find opportunities to push myself meeting goals along the way.

Last week's workouts leading up to Friday I was feeling discouraged. After a year and a half at CrossFit TNT, it's on the mark to say I've not only developed favorite lifts, body weight movements, etc. in the gym but also a list of least favorites. Last week was back to back to back workouts feeling defeated but then Friday came and it was time for squats. It felt like Christmas morning!

I started thinking, back squats and deadlifts haven't always been my favorite. One of my favorite accomplishments as a Crossfitter is the growth of my squat. I will never forget squatting to a 20-inch box in my foundation's classes. Learning what the depth of a squat should be and really, not being able to do it. Now, I can back squat 243 pounds.

The thing is this, I think I was so miserable about the workouts last week because I was comparing myself to the abilities of others and over analyzing the competition outcomes from the previous week. I lost sight of the fact that 1. Every single one of us who is working to build and maintain a strong foundation of health and fitness has that list... Those favorites and likewise the things that leave us feeling discouraged, frustrated and sometimes defeated... and 2. For most, if not all of us, at some point, the items on that list of favorites weren't favorites at all. They looked a lot like me squatting to that box, tripping over my jump rope and not having the strength to hang from a pull-up bar all those months ago.

One unfaltering thing about me is my love of setting and meeting goals. Good thing considering my education is in Social Work and Psychology. One of the most important parts of setting and meeting goals is making them attainable and setting yourself up for success through interest, knowledge, and preparedness. I don't expect all of my least favorites to become my next "Pat on the back" movement or lift but I do expect to grow and become better at each and every one of those things. I expect to push myself to grow and make the me of today better than the me from yesterday.

What do you want to see change in your favorites list, how do you want to grow?
"You're frustrated because you keep waiting for the blooming of flowers of which you have yet to sow the seeds".


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