From My Beginning to Yours - Blog #51


I remember turning 25, thinking to myself I'm half of 50, quarter way to 100. Declaring I was going to have a quarter life crisis. I remember days before I turned 29, thinking all the things I had to do in the last year of my 20's. How could it be that in a fast 365 days I would be 30. Now, 3 days before my 30th birthday I'm feeling so excited about my 30th year and all the things I pray this life will hold in the next decade.

I have goosebumps to think of the things I was brave enough to leave behind in my 20's. In direct relation to my health though, in my 20's I decided to leave behind the size 26/28 clothing. I said no more to the rising digits on the scale. I gave up that mindset of acceptance I'd allowed myself and admitted I didn't feel beautiful at the size I was or the shape I was in and I made a CHOICE to get up and DO something about it!

Diet is and I believe will probably always be a struggle for me because I'm a foodie to my core. However, establishing a routine in a place, with people and fitness that I love has changed my life.

I'm still slow to run, I'll get faster. I'm still doing assisted pull ups, one day they'll be unassisted. Today, 2 years after I made my CHOICE- I can lunge with my knees to the ground, I can not only do that air squat I needed a box for on my first day at TNT but I joined the 300 club with my 1 rep max back squat at 300 even. Among those and so many other things....I feel great! I am so thankful for my health and that I chose to honor what I've been given by making small choices every day to live a healthy and full life.

Whatever it is that's holding you back...think about it and remember that every time you tell yourself "tomorrow, next week, next month I'll start to exercise, I'll start that diet"...remember all those tomorrow's will become yesterdays. Get after it!

I'm so excited for my 30's and all that's to come! Thank you for being on this journey with me!

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