From My Beginning to Yours - Blog #52


It has been some months since I gave thought to the emotional stages of CrossFit. This week has left the topic sitting at the forefront of my mind. On Monday we completed the repeat of the 1st lurong challenge workout. First done 5 weeks ago, this was to see how we may or may not have improved over the time span of the lurong nutrition and fitness challenge. As I laid on the ground in what felt like an ocean of sweat, I gave thanks that I was physically capable of completing the workout. I chose to be thankful instead of discouraged by how strenuous it felt.

Fast forward to Thursday's workout. 21, 15, 9 of dumbbells front squats, lunges, push-ups, dumbbell row. This day, for the first time in a while, I felt defeated. Thoughts of soreness, frustration, and disappointment going through my mind as the time cap came and went without my finishing the workout. I teared up a bit at feeling limited by my abilities and fatigue instead of embracing my having done the best I could. This, of course, is the moment when some of my CrossFit family reminded me to shake it off and be proud of what I accomplished that morning.

Bringing me to today. This was a great day. Today, I was able to complete a set of the workouts....10 knees raises broken into 2 sets of 5. Previously, I've done sets of 3, maybe 4 at a time. They felt solid and I felt secure on the pull-up bar. This is important to me because 25 months ago my beginning pace on the pull-up bar was hanging with the toes of 1 foot on a 10-inch box for support.

Well, now we've come full circle. In this one week CrossFit has left me feeling thankful in the midst of exhaustion, frustrated in the midst of what felt like a defeat, and happy to have surpassed my old abilities in ways that I sometimes can't fathom. Most importantly and continuously though, CrossFit has left me feeling grateful. Not only for how my endurance and body have changed but for the message I'm sending to my kids by making time to pursue and maintain a healthy life.

I am forever hopeful that as you read you may find a piece of encouragement to start your own journey or inspiration to keep going through your own feelings of defeat. If I can do it you can too!!


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