From My Beginning To Yours - Blog #55


Over the last two weeks, in addition to continuing with the logging of my meals, I sat with Coach Rochelle for a nutrition consultation and was able to start a new foundation with her through meal planning and using the Real Plans app. Like anytime we try something new there is a period of adjustment and uncertainty; but, my husband and I worked together to plan, prep and fix the Paleo centered meals. I’ve attached A photo collage of a few of our meals this week.

The most exciting moment for me was when my kids willingly ate zucchini lasagna this week! I kept waiting for them to push the plate away wanting nothing to do with it; but, that time never came. They liked it! Victory! Throughout the past 2 years of nutrition and fitness challenges etc. I’ve primarily done them on my own. This is the first time I have my family on board. I believe that will be a huge key in my increased success.

As far as making it to 5 workouts a week at TNT, both last week and this week I will have only made it to 4 WOD’s. While that is my normal routine, I have been trying for 5 a week. Admittedly, the heat is affecting me and I have been feeling more drained than I feel I should post workout. 5 workouts a week will continue to be my goal in creating a new norm.

I am loving the summertime swim WOD’s and adding this additional variety to all the things we do at CrossFit TNT.

Next Thursday I will be leaving with some of our TNT family for Madison, Wisconsin to see the CrossFit Games. I am so looking forward to this experience and sharing memories of it with you all!


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