From My Beginning To Yours- Blog #18


February 12th. The month is just about half over. 43 days ago, this year was brand new. 43 days ago, new gym memberships were born, diets started, and plans made. All over the world, plans for bikini body’s by May 31st, plans for career advancement, plans for growing families and so much more were made. Today, February 12th, I have two questions for us all. 1: Were you serious about your goals when you made them? 2: What are you doing about it now?

The thing is, even if we are serious, we often are the only thing standing in our own way. When goals, especially fitness goals, start to feel unattainable and out of reach that is when many of us, historically, myself included start to throw in the towel. Why? Don’t we owe it to ourselves to revisit and revise? Fitness, especially for those with weight loss in mind is an uphill battle. As I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, it’s sometimes easy for me to lose track of small victories and focus on goals not yet achieved. This leaves me feeling somewhat discouraged. Over the holiday months and into the beginning of the new year I have had my 1st real plateau of weight loss since starting this journey with CrossFit TNT. I got stuck, after 30 lb’s of weight loss it just seemed to stop. I’ve lost 3 jean sizes in the last 9 months and see countless changes in myself. I suppose it’s only human to, after so many successes, look at the scale and feel disappointed in fluctuating around the 35 lb mark? I want to change that.

In approaching the last week of my 2nd Lurong fitness and nutrition Challenge, I continue to learn so many things about the Paleo lifestyle and how what we eat affects our bodies. It is true that the weight seems to decrease rapidly when I eat strictly Paleo. In challenge terms, Elite level; but, those few pounds fluctuate with every starter and some pro level days. This is the moment where I’m inclined to feel defeated. I want to get to that 40 pounds lost mark and keep going. I know that day is coming, but, for now, it is coming at a snails pace. I’m making the choice today to be ok with that. At CrossFit TNT I’m setting and meeting goals I never would have thought of, let alone thought possible. Today, I set a new PR for my deadlift at 225 pounds! I am so excited about that! I feel empowered by the changes I see in my abilities. For the 1st time in all my past exercise routines and experiences I am feeling and seeing the building of strength in my upper body through improvement toward pull-ups, etc.

Bottom line today is this: It’s only February 12th! If you are losing track of those New Years goals or never set them to begin with- I encourage you all to think about what it is you want for yourselves and go for it! I can promise you it will be hard and at some points will feel unattainable; but, I can also promise you that with a group of coaches and team like the ones at CrossFit TNT you will get through it and kick butt in the process!

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