From My Beginning To Yours- Blog #22


We have all been there. It's that free hour I get to go to Target. It’s the time I take to walk up and down and then in a circle and maybe a zig zag pattern through every aisle. As many moms, and, women in general would point out-This time would not be complete without a Venti Coffee or other drink. In my case, I tend to space out and end up buying everything I don’t need and if I’m lucky a thing or two from my list. About half way through the Home Decor section, I find myself confronted by an isle full of mirrors. These mirrors are a lot like all of us because they come in all shapes and sizes. In this case they have 1 thing in common. I see myself looking back, this time I’m a bit surprised at what I see…
Last May, I grabbed hold of my health and fitness by joining the athletes at CrossFit TNT. When I took on writing this blog some advice I got was that it's okay to be real: cry if I need to, be mad if I need to, be happy if I need to. Losing weight and getting fit doesn't happen overnight or even in a year; it is a constant effort to reach and maintain over a lifetime. It's easy to feel accomplished when the things that we're doing in the gym are our favorite or exciting to us. It is when we are pushed to do things we feel uncertain of or that we feel we can’t do that our dedication to ourselves and the longevity of our lives is tested and hopefully shines through. I'm not sure what brought it on, but, in the last week I have been feeling negative towards my progress and towards my abilities. I've had feelings of discouragement in relation to the rate at which I’m losing the remaining weight I’d like to lose. Knowing that this is a constant battle is one thing, always being mindful of it is another. When the day you can't feel the progress is the day you stand in front of those mirrors at Target…and you look… and you're surprised at what you see it's time to get your head on straight and be thankful. To remember how far you have come!

As I've gotten comfortable writing this blog, and as I've gotten comfortable as a CrossFitter, I wonder if I'm still coming across as the girl who loves to bake, in general loves to cook, and feels real struggles throughout this journey. The reality is, I am that girl; but, now I also love to lift. I am working daily to maintain a balance of all the things that make up who I am. Those things don’t have to change! What I so badly want everyone to know is that this is hard, but anyone can do it and as I’ve said time and time again. You deserve it!

I know that my coaches give me 100 % but how often am I giving myself 100%? I often am a lot harder on myself than I let on. What kind of disservice am I doing to myself through negativity? Maintaining a positive outlook and keeping the “can’t” out of my vocabulary at the gym is key. I can! You can! Every day counts and each small progress leads to a big success.

CrossFit TNT is hosting a free bring a friend night this coming Thursday at 7PM. I invite anyone who is interested to join us! Give yourself an hour to see what all this is about and if you think it might be right for you! Feel free to message me with any questions!!


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