From My Beginning To Yours- Blog #25


In every vacation you are guaranteed at least 2 great moments with the hope of many more in between. The 1st is the day you leave. It’s that moment when you get on the road or when your plane takes off and the possibilities of adventures to come surround you and your family, filling you with joy and excitement. The 2nd is the day you head home. The day when you wrap up your memories along with your dirty laundry and head back to reality which so thankfully includes your bed, favorite pillow you forgot at home, and the comforts of your own kitchen.

This past week has been a fun family vacation for me and mine to Branson, MO. Thankfully, with so many fun memories in the middle! I’m looking forward to heading back to reality today and quite seriously my pillow and kitchen.

As May is in full swing, many are looking forward to longer days, the hot sun, and days spent in the water. Some of the athletes at CrossFit TNT are preparing for those days, and more to come, by participating in a Lurong Living, nutrition and fitness challenge. This 5 week challenge started Monday, May 15th. As in, this week I’ve been on vacation. Not all meals have been a loss, but arriving home today has me ready to jump full swing into week 2 of this challenge as well as the rest of May’s workouts.

As I’ve mentioned before, every month at TNT there is a primary focus that is incorporated into everyday of that month. With this month’s primary focus being a combined sleds, yokes, and tires, we are being given the opportunity to push ourselves in different ways and I’m loving it. I’m excited to have the strength to carry the yoke and adding weight to it. I’m excited to be doing new things with the sleds, and flipping varying weight of tires. Flipping tires is my new favorite!

I’m looking forward to what the rest of this month and the challenge will bring. Our vacation has me ready for summer and I’m excited for all the things to come both in and outside of the gym!


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