From My Beginning To Yours- Blog #26


The past two weeks have been full of great workouts at CrossFit TNT. The Primary Focus for June is Mobility. Taking into consideration that May’s primary focus was sleds, yokes, and tires, the difference between the two is a great example of the versatility of CrossFit. I’m looking forward to learning some new stretches and techniques to help work through sore and tight muscles.

At TNT our workouts are designed by our coaches, as athletes, we need not worry about what we will do when we get to the gym for the day. In CrossFit, as the athlete, there is no concern of placing too much focus on lower or upper body. The workouts are designed to focus equally on the body as a whole. If you dedicate yourself, show up with your mind in the right place, and your shoes laced up, the Coach will walk you and your class through every aspect of the workout. They will guide you to better techniques and improved outcomes; such as, running faster, lifting more weight, and feeling confident in your abilities and improvements.

I want to focus for a moment on this quote. “Your legs are not giving out. Your head is giving up. Keep going.” I sometimes struggle to fight through fatigue. When I’m feeling the burn, I believe, I sometimes accept that as muscle failure and the need to stop and regroup. What I know is this, my body is often capable of things I let my head get in the way of. At CrossFit TNT our coaches are aware of our personal abilities and growth and are there to help walk us through questions and any doubts we may have. It is an irreplaceable aspect of gym time to know that the people around you care about your outcomes as you do about theirs.

Those of us participating in the Lurong Health and Fitness Challenge are approaching the end of week three. The online support, as always, is available with members sharing recipes, struggles, and successes along the way. I feel really good about this challenge. The food prep and recipe ideas are coming easier. I personally am not fighting the craving for the creamer and Splenda in my coffee which has always been a struggle in past challenges. For the most part I’m not feeling deprived of things either. Much like with other types of nutrition plans, Palo eating becomes easier once your body becomes accustomed to the changes you are making. I am anxious to hear my results through the body fat re-test ( at the end of this challenge.

I’m looking forward to a strong finish to this challenge and participating in the Clash Of The Classes next weekend!

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