From My Beginning To Yours- Blog #27


It’s 5am on what was probably a Wednesday in May and our TNT owner and coach Rochelle

asks us who is in for the Clash of The Classes?. She explains that this “extra mile” addition of

The Clash will include multiple smaller workouts that will be disclosed to us once we arrive at

each destination via bike. My jaw slightly drops, I mean, I haven’t been on a bike in….yeah, it’s

been a while. We give our responses. I think that day’s ok, I should be good for that, I smile.

But….internally I’m calculating how quickly I can borrow my father in laws bike and ride. A.

Lot. before June11th. The weeks, they come and go quickly. We’ve been on vacation, opened the

pool, swam, a lot!...the kids have ridden their bikes and we’ve played hard.

There are just two more days before The Clash, I never picked up that bike, I know I’ll be riding

a loaner bike the day of. I decide, I’ve got this, I will not fall in the ditch. This is my goal, I will

keep up, I will not fall. I can do this.

It’s 8am, June 11 th , the teams have been assigned and it’s go time! We stop for a team picture and

we are off! Working with Stacy, John and Sebastian was a lot of fun. We had a great team!

16 total miles of bike riding. 6 workouts including overhead squats, burpees, sled pushes,

kettlebell work, wall balls, and lastly a mile on foot. It was amazing! The were 2 spots I felt

myself really struggle with pace; but, I didn’t fall. Win! In the end I see there wasn’t much to be

worried about. I just needed to do my best and have fun. That’s exactly what everyone did!

The additions of a Slip & Slide, popsicles, and cold, wet rags were fun relief from the heat. It

was fun to spend a morning with so much of the TNT family! When everyone arrived back at

TNT we celebrated with Margaritas and lunch. Dawn Patrol (the morning crew) was crowned

overall winner! Congratulations on the team win Torrie, Ryan, Trevor and Rachel!!

It was such a fun day with a group of truly inspiring athletes. The only bad workout really is the

one you don’t do. Plus, who doesn’t love a Margarita on a hot day?! (Even though I ended up

with a beer).

Special thanks to Rochelle, Linda and all others who organized the Clash. It was a great event, so

thoughtfully put together! Totally worth the sore bum from the ride!

The Lurong nutrition and fitness challenge is coming to an end this week and I’m really looking

forward to the dunk tank re-test and sharing some of those results with all of you.

If you are looking for a fun change of pace for your summer exercise routine or just looking to

start working out check out TNT! Tuesdays at 11:30 AM and Fridays at 5:30 PM TNT is

offering swim workouts at the Shire Lane pool in New Town. I’m going to my 1 st swim WOD

this Friday! Come join us!


3683 New Town Blvd,

St. Charles, MO 63301

Phone. 636-724-6464