From My Beginning To Yours- Blog #28


On June 18th I went for a body fat test that uses hydrostatic body fat testing (BodyFat ). This was my 4th body fat test since May of 2015. This re-test came at the end of my participation in the Lurong Living Summertime Challenge with CrossFit TNT. After several months of fluctuating in a 5 pound limbo I’m finally over the hump and seeing the scale move again. It feels great! I’m happy to say that in 13 months of hard work and true dedication to CrossFit and a slow but steady change in nutritional habits I have lost 7.8% body fat and increased my lean mass by 7.3 lbs.

This past Friday, I participated in my first swim WOD at the Shire Lane Pool in New Town. The workout included burpees in the pool, swimming laps, and swimming against the current in the lazy river. Well, I wasn’t great at swimming against the current; but, I loved the burpees in the pool! Overall, I had so much fun. I know I looked ridiculous, but, I really enjoyed the muscle ups in the pool as well.
My goal in July is to get my first double under. I’ve been close for what feels like forever. It gets all the way to my toes on the second rotation but it’s just not there yet. I’ve also set a goal to complete the 5k from CrossFit TNT 2 times in July. I am working on adding more cardio to my routine. My current goal for my 5k is to get my time under 40 minutes. I’m almost there, July will be my Month!
We have had a lot of great workouts in the last few weeks! It’s hot, so hot in the Summer; but, getting it done at 5 am, seeing the sunrise, and working hard with great athletes and friends is always such an inspiring way to start the day! If you are reading this and thinking abut taking the fitness plunge…just do it! I can’t explain how great it feels to have a fitness routine that I look forward to! Come check us out, first class is always free at CrossFit TNT. Give yourself an hour to see what it’s all about!


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