From My Beginning To Yours- Blog #34


I can't pinpoint an exact day but I remember some months before meeting Rochelle, owner of CrossFit TNT, having sort of a come to Jesus meeting with myself while cleaning out my closet. "Theoretically, no, these clothes will never fit again" I thought and echoed aloud to a good friend as I proceeded to pack up the sizes smaller pants and tops for give away. I remember feeling content that where I was physically was just my new norm. Comfortable in my skin and honestly, while I knew at the time I could stand to lose weight and get in shape I still felt beautiful. That is really one of the most important messages I want to get across.

That being said, I've shared before the mind set I had reached by the time I'd met Rochelle in relation to my increasing weight and what I'm sure could have resulted in any number of health concerns had I continued to neglect exercise and better nutritional practices in my life.

When I made the decision to make a change and started CrossFit in May of 2015 the scale quickly became my friend and enemy. While setting and meeting goals in the gym and lifting heavy became my passions, I watched as the scale moved and stalled over and over. It's easy to feel discouraged when you're not seeing all the results you want.

The key here is perseverance! There are of course times I've felt discouraged and compared myself to others; but, during the 2nd week of this, my 1st whole Life Challenge I couldn't be more thankful for every push from my amazing coaches and every ounce of determination I've felt. Upon having my measurements taken a few weeks ago I realized that my hips are now measuring the size my waist was when I started CrossFit. That feels amazing! I've lost so many inches I'm wishing for those clothes I packed away in bags all those months ago.

As of this morning, in addition to all the multiple fat lbs. that I've turned to muscle, I've lost 45 lbs. Some may think that's a lot and some may think wow, that's all? All I care about is that it's weight gone from my body that I'll never take back. This challenge is off to a great start and I'm determined to make the most of these remaining 6 weeks.

Challenge aside, this really is a journey and life happens. I'm not here for quick fixes and easy results. I'm here for a lifestyle and a sustainable future. That's exactly what I get from CrossFit and the nutritional challenges that continue to teach me about paleo, whole 30 eating and how I can fit aspects of that into my life.

As a society, there is much to say about the pride we take in caring for our homes and possessions. In all reality the thing that matters most is not our stuff but our bodies and souls both individually and in our families as a whole. You wash, wax, buff, vacuum and whatever else your car. You use the right fuel it needs and maintain its parts. What are you doing to maintain yourself? What are you using to "fuel" your life?


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