From My Beginning To Yours- Blog #53


Part of what I love so much about our CrossFit family is the accountability we find with each other. After we wrapped up our most recent Lurong Nutrition and Fitness Challenge some of us were discussing the results we see on the scale and from the body fat dunk tank versus how we feel and perceive ourselves.

After myself and others voiced some feelings of defeat, a good friend posed the questions "1) Do you bring the heat and try your best every class? And 2) Are you happy with the progress you've made?...NOTHING ELSE MATTERS!"

Funny how this puts things in perspective. Black and white and to the point. I absolutely believe I am putting forth my best efforts in the gym and my dedication is evident through my increased strength, stamina and change in body composition and weight loss.

Am I happy with the progress I've made? Yes, I'm absolutely happy with the progress I've made. The increase in my abilities has me doing things that 2 years ago were far out of reach.

In regards to fitness I have landed in my sweet spot among some of the most inspiring athletes and friends. I could not have fathomed 2 years ago the love of lifting I would come to have or my love of CrossFit, specifically TNT.

In regards to diet, while I've consistently lost weight I've not lost at the rate I feel I should. I will continue to work towards those goals. Remembering that every day counts.

As I continue to focus on my nutrition plan and fitness routine with CrossFit TNT. I'm hoping to see increased weight loss results. What I am thankful for though is the support I know I have from my CrossFit family.

The biggest news for me right now is my husband has joined us at TNT and I couldn't be more excited to lift with my handsome other half!

So, here's to staying committed to the success and lifestyle you work hard to create. Find what works for you and go for it! We are never "done" improving, maintaining or losing weight or exercising. As long as there is breath in our lungs it's our responsibility to ourselves and our loved ones to pursue the healthiest version of ourselves that we can.

Come check out our fat burning style, Swift classes or CrossFit classes. Your first class at TNT is always free and I promise you it will change your life if you let it!


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