From My Beginning To Yours Blog #63


Part of the sense of accomplishment we feel in CrossFit comes from the change we see in our benchmark WODS. This year, each month, we have been able to compare our times, weight lifted and overall success of the WOD to our results from the same workout the year before. For me, the benchmark workouts feel like competition day. I probably let myself get too worked up for them, worrying if I'll best the me from 2016.

This Month, our primary focus each day has been preparing us for December's benchmark workout: 30 minutes, as many meters as possible on the rower. We have been rowing, biking, running and using the Ski Erg. Phew! The gut clenching, pressure filled sprint to max calories or meters in the shortest time is one that leaves us wondering if that pukey feeling we have will actually lead us to empty the contents of our stomachs or if the queasiness will pass in time to push through the workout still before us that day. It has been challenging and led us to develop our endurance and technique.

I am looking forward to popping in my ear buds on December 4th and pushing through those 30 minutes; anxious to see how the year's work has changed my abilities. More specifically how the months primary focus has enabled me to do better, be better at pushing through.

In the Last two weeks at TNT we've done back squats, deadlifts, pull ups, push ups, wall balls, benchmark workout "Fight Gone Bad" and so much more. Some of us have participated in a fun, in house competition Coach Oscar put together to help us prepare for the holidays and get on track if we'd "fallen of the wagon" so to speak. This challenge has encouraged us to sleep well, make time to get outside and breathe fresh air, eat well, let go of liquid calories and not include fillers in our daily diet such as wheat. It has encouraged us to eat our vegetables, just as we encourage our children to and to eat our protein! The partner aspect of it has been fun and overall I think we have enjoyed it! Thanks, Coach Oscar!

As the cold and darkness of winter continues to creep in, I'm continuing to push through and maintain my gym schedule. I've had a few weeks where I have missed my 4th day in the gym but have been able to get in small workouts on my own. This week I was able to swim laps on Monday and get my workout in Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. It's not the same as making it for the WOD. I miss the atmosphere and push from my peers and Coaches on those days but one thing CrossFit TNT has taught me is that even on off days we need to make time to be mobile and keep our bodies moving.

It's not too late to start moving in 2017, come visit us at CrossFit TNT! See what our 30 minute Swift Boot Camp classes are all about. Check out what our foundations classes have to offer you and experience the CrossFit community for the 1st time. We'd love to have you!!


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