Important Membership Information

We get a lot of questions about memberships and visits. Just a reminder that if you have an 8x, 12x or 18x visit monthly membership, those visits are only for the current month, they do not rollover to the next month.

Also, if you happen to go over your number of visits for the month because you are killing the WODs and and can't get enough of fitness, then those visits will show on your account as 'unpaid' visits.

When your membership renews on the 1st of the next month, any unpaid visits will come off the new month's visits. However, it is typical to see an unpaid visit or two at the end of each month due to where the 1st falls in the week and your weekly workout schedule. Those are usually nothing to be concerned about, the next month those usually balance themselves out.

With that said, if you find yourself going over or want more visits, do not hesitate to contact Toni by e-mail at, she can upgrade your membership at any point during the month.


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