Lurong Summertime Challenge


Registration OPENS TODAY!!!

TNT will be participating in the Lurong Summertime Challenge this summer. Registration goes live on April 4th, and the challenge begins on May 16th. This is a 5 week challenge that combines nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle aspects. You can sign up and find details here: Lurong Challenge Registration

Along with early bird pricing, they will be giving away thousands in early bird prizes. Registration opens this coming Monday, so find out how to win below. For information on the upcoming Challenge, use the following link.

Reebok Nano 5.0
The first 5 athletes to register will win a pair of Reebok Nano 5.0s, the standard of functional footwear for the CrossFit athlete.
RPM Speed Rope
Athletes 6 - 10 to register will win a custom Lurong Living RPM Speed Rope. It combines sophisticated technology and beautiful design to reach record-breaking speeds.
Rumble Roller Half Size
Athletes 11 - 15 will win a half size, extra firm Rumble Roller. CrossFit athletes from around the country use the rollers to relieve muscular pain and tightness.
Fitmark Bags
Athletes 16 - 25 will win The Box SM from Fitmark Bags. Manage your meals like you manage your life: efficient, organized, and smart.
Atlas Power Wraps
Athletes 26 - 50 to register will win a pair of custom Lurong Living Atlas Power Wraps. You'll look good, protect and support your wrists, and set PR's all at the same time. It's perfect for every CrossFit athlete.
Shaker Cup and Headband
Athletes 51 - 75 to register will win a custom Lurong Living shaker bottle and headband. Use to mix your pre/post-WOD drinks, or as a stylish new water bottle.


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