May Athlete of the Month- Vince Ogar


What an honor to be the TNT athlete of the month! TNT was the perfect place to start my CrossFit adventure. The coaches and fellow athletes create a tremendous atmosphere. I cannot thank everyone here at TNT enough for allowing me to be a part of the TNT family.

My athletic history is pretty short. I played football and ran track in high school. In track I high jumped and ran distance. I continued running into my 30s. Then work and raising a family seemed to take over. I was pretty inactive athletically, until 2000, when I participated in my first MS150 Bike ride, raising money for Multiple Sclerosis. For the following ten years I rode bikes weekly to prepare for the yearly event. After ten years of bike riding, though, I fell a bit out of shape.
My history with CrossFit goes back to the sport’s beginnings. My youngest son, Kevin, started CrossFitting in the early years and of course, his parents started following his adventures, watching him compete and going to various competitions, including the Battle for the Cup at TNT. Although I had been to many boxes and numerous events, I never once worked out or even lifted a weight.


In 2014, life changed for the Ogar family when a weightlifting accident left Kevin paralyzed. Life looked pretty dark in those early days after the accident, but the CrossFit community was there for us. It was incredible to see the support that came pouring in from the CrossFit community all over the world. The huge support from TNT was amazing, and the way the TNT community came together to raise $65,000 for Kevin in the Battle for Courage meant so much to our family.
In January of 2015, a year after Kevin’s accident, I started CrossFit. I was 58 years old and had never squat any amount of weight, ever! To say I was a little apprehensive would be a huge understatement. Being Kevin Ogar’s dad only magnified my anxiety. My anxiety, though, quickly went away after my first class at TNT because of the community here. The coaches have been awesome. Their instructions and knowledge have been incredible. The support from other CrossFitters has been extraordinary. My experience at TNT has been very positive and has made me young…..well, at least it has made me feel young.

It’s been a little over a year, and I have come so far from the old man who couldn’t squat, do a pull up or run a mile. That seems impossible looking back because I now do all of those things weekly. I participated in the Open this year along with many members of my family: my two sons in Colorado, my daughter and nephew in Columbia and my sister in Bloomington, Il. We challenged each other, cheered each other and tracked each other’s achievements. The highlight was when my nephew and I surprised Kevin with a visit at his box in Colorado to do 16.4. This year’s Open was very special for me.


I still have a lot to learn and long way to go, but I have come this far because of a few amazing people.
So Courtney, Kyle, Oscar and Rochelle…
Thank You

I am so grateful for my experience at TNT. I know now that if you want to start working out, whether you get out of breath taking the stairs or are in competition shape, a CrossFit box is exactly where you should start.


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