For those of you who have kids (we love them all!) that use our babysitting and for those who bring kids who do not use babysitting, we have a few new rules that will be taking place starting today.

This is all for the safety of your children and we would never want anything to happen to them so please understand that these new rules are only meant with the best intentions for them.

All parents who use our babysitters must walk their children in to the babysitting room and drop them off and pick them up. Note: All babysitters will stay in the babysitting room from now on and will not go out to the main area. (this includes the lobby area, the red carpet and main floor) Children are not allowed to be behind the front desk.

When TNT does not have a class going on and you have your children with you, as long as there is parental supervision they are allowed to play in the main gym. (you must be with them paying attention to them and as long as no athletes are on the floor working out) Again, you must drop your children off in the babysitting room 5 minutes prior to class.

All hot wheels, cars and trucks will be put away in the conex box outside and will only be used for when the kids are playing outside in the Summer.

For those who do not use our babysitter but have children that sit on the couches in the lobby area and CF Kids who are waiting for their parents to finish class, those children must stay in that area. Playing, throwing or kicking balls will NOT be allowed.

Last, please remember to sign your children up for babysitting on our MB feature.

For any questions or concerns please feel free to contact Rochelle at

Thank you for your understanding


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