November Athlete Of The Month- Mike Davis


I’ve been in some sort of fitness my entire life. Last year I got really bored with fitness. I didn’t have the drive I once had. I was tired of the leg day, chest day, arm day, routine. I also kept getting hurt and I knew it was because I had never been taught proper form.

Crossfit caught my eye a couple of years ago. I watched in awe and thought to myself, “That looks fun.” I went as a spectator to the Crossfit Games in 2015 and had a blast. I told my wife Kate, “I gotta do this.” Meghan Steinman and I were long time friends and I knew that she had been part of a box for years. I asked her about TNT and she went on and on about the coaches. So I had to give this place a try, even though it was 40 minutes from my house.

When I walked into TNT, I immediately got everything I wanted. The coaching was great. The programming was excellent. The place was nice and well equipped. I was very satisfied. My plan was to only come to TNT for a few months, learn, and then take what I learned back to my garage gym.


But there was one thing I got out of TNT that I didn’t expect and that was COMMUNITY. As a Pastor, I’m around a community all the time. But there is a big difference. I am the Shepherd of that community. I have to be the leader 24/7. Shortly after joining TNT, I realized that I found a place where I could be the student and didn’t have to worry about being the teacher. I could be one of the guys. It felt nice being Michael who’s only job was to PR and not Pastor Mike who needed to lead. That community is what keeps me coming back.

I enjoy working out at TNT, but I love being around the people. TNT has become my place to just be me, get some great coaching, and hang with some great people. I’m getting to experience things I never thought I would. I’ve got one year under my belt. I’m excited for what’s ahead. Every day is a chance to PR and learn something new.


3683 New Town Blvd,

St. Charles, MO 63301

Phone. 636-724-6464