What's in Store for December?


It’s time to strap on your helmet and get ready for a great month of training. This next month will focus on the basics to set yourself up for a great new year. The major focus will be leg strength and upper body strength. Sounds pretty awesome?! Yup, it sure does :)

We will be following a 5-day rotation for our strength work to ensure that all members get enough variation as well as stimulus. This will be broken into back squats, upper body push/pull/core, deadlifts, front squats, and upper body push/pull/core. The squatting days will be alternating between higher rep work (repetition focus) and lower rep work (heavy days). The deadlift days will be following the same pattern. We will be repeating a couple of accessory movements consistently to balance out the program and break through PRs. These will focus a lot on bar speed for better gains as well as unilateral work (strength work one leg) for a balanced foundation. You will be starting 2017 with strong legs, awesome push-ups, and you’ll be able to do pull-ups for days.

We will be sprinkling in previous Open workouts to re-test and practice so we are ready for the 2017 season. This year's open at TNT will be set-up differently than previous years so stay tuned for more details. Our conditioning work will also follow a set pattern through December. The emphasis for each 4-day rotation will be anaerobic glycolysis (fast & powerful with ample rest), shorter endurance workouts (10+min of work), aerobic glycolysis (moderately high-intensity efforts with shorter rest periods), and longer endurance workouts being 20+min long. This set-up will allow for controlled variance and help with recovery. Going 20+min every 4 days is a big increase and it will give your lungs and ticker a great boost.

We will conclude this whole year of monthly benchmarks with an epic challenge. It will test your endurance capacity, technique, and foremost it will test your mental toughness. My recommendation is to come in on Monday and get it out of the way. You definitely don’t wanna come in later in the week and go through it alone ;)


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