What's In Store For October?


October is going to be a great training month. We are going to incorporate a conjugate system for our resistance training. This is a strength training system developed by the world renowned Louie Simmons from Westside barbell. The Conjugate Methods will be adapted for us CrossFidians. We are not going to be strictly powerlifting for the month of October. We will continuously be working on our gymnastics, conditioning, and overall GPP (General Physical Preparedness).

With the Conjugate system, we will be alternating through an upper body and a lower body focus. Two days a week will be specifically targeted towards lower body lifting such as squatting/deadlifting. Two days a week will have an upper body focus on the strength training portion. These two days will have 2 separate emphases. On 1 day the focus will be to lift as heavy as possible. This is called the max effort method. Moving heavy stuff is the best way to get stronger, however, maxing out every day will not give the longevity we want.

The other day will focus on moving the weight as fast as possible. This is called dynamic effort day. Speed kills and on dynamic days we will get the gains by being fast and powerful.

Along with max effort work and dynamic effort work we will do some extra accessory work as well. The goal of the accessory work will be to target specific muscles that might be lagging, improving joint health, and improve muscular endurance. Combining max effort work, dynamic effort work, and accessory work is a great way to improve several aspects of strength while keeping the lifting interesting. The variety allows us to recover better and keep the training fun.

Why focus on strength? It will not be a huge increase in lifting, rather just the setup will look slightly different. If you become stronger then most aspects of life and fitness get easier. Do you want to burn fat and stay lean? Strength training combined with conditioning is the way to go. Want to improve your “Fran” time? Making the barbell feel lighter will help you crush WOD PRs. Not too worried about your deadlift but want to live a fulfilling and independent life? Strength will help as well.

The lifting will rotate on a 6-day schedule to make sure the Monday&Wednesday crew or the Tuesday&Thursday crew don’t miss out on any of the fun. Every 3rd day will focus on nonlifting movements such as endurance, plyometrics, stability work, gymnastics, coordination, and speed.

Another change you will notice is our scaling options. We always strive towards coming up with unique solutions to meet our members at their level. This is something we will test for the month of October. We are all at different stages of our fitness/health journey and we want to offer great workouts for all capabilities. We have had great scaling options in the past and now we are going to make the workout options even more diverse. Our previous scaling options Rx, Int, and scaled will be called Compete, Performance, and Fitness.

Compete - Individuals with 3+ years of experience lifting weights and high-intensity training. No major mobility limitations and aspirations of competing in local competitions.
1 Mile run: Sub 7min
Back squat: 350/230+lbs
Strict Pull-ups: 10+
Squat snatch: 185/123+lbs

Performance - Individuals that have 1-2+ years of experience with lifting weights and high-intensity training. This athlete has some minor/moderate mobility limitations. The performance athlete wants to be healthy, kick-ass, look better naked, and focused on consistently working towards setting new PRs.
1 Mile run: Sub 10min
Back squat: +225/148lbs
Strict Pull-ups: +1
Power snatch: 135/93+

Fitness - Individuals with 0-1 years of resistance training experience, and little to none high-intensity experience. This athlete wants to get a solid workout done, burn some calories, have fun, get healthier, and feel awesome. This athlete has 1 to several moderate to severe mobility limitations. The goal of the fitness athlete is not to win the CrossFit games. They want to get in better shape, keep up with their kids, loose some weight, prevent chronic disease, and start/get back to working out after being sedentary.
1 Mile run: +10min, working on running a full mile without stopping
Back squat: N/A, Working on the fundamentals of the air squat and improving mobility/stability
Strict Pull-ups: Can do assisted pull-ups and ring rows
Snatch: N/A, working on fundamentals and improving squat mechanics


Our levels are always only guidelines to follow. Movements can still be modified, taken out, added, or replaced. Hybrids of these levels or even a new version can be implemented with instruction from the coach. At TNT we check our ego at the door. The goal is to pick a level that will challenge your fitness but not overwhelm you. First of all, the technique must be adequate. The second step is to be consistent with the right technique. The final step is to increase the intensity. This process might take months or even years, however, the objective is to be 1% better than you were yesterday.


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