Step #1: Foundation Classes

TNT would like to invite everyone who has always been interested in doing CrossFit, losing weight, toning, strengthening or what ever your fitness goals may be, to join our family today! We get you started with 4 Foundations classes 2 Olympic Weightlifting classes. Each session is approximately 60 minutes and you will receive individual attention as we teach you the basic skills of CrossFit. During your first visit we answer any questions, show you our facility, and start teaching you the very basics of CrossFit.

Your first session is always free!

You will have the opportunity to get a feel for CrossFit, our gym and our coaches. After you complete your Foundations classes you can join TNT as a member and move into regular, group classes. You can schedule your first 1-on-1 by contacting Oscar at 636 328 3701. We will fit your first free session and other foundations classes around your schedule.

Try us for Free!

Step #2: Group CrossFit Classes

We insist on correct form in order to prevent injury. Once you have completed your Foundations Classes and we are confident you understand the basic movements, you will move into regular group classes. Remember that CrossFit is infinitely scalable! This means that each and every member, beginner to advanced, can modify each workout to meet their needs. We have over 150 group classes per month to choose from!

Step #3: TNT Specialty Classes

All specialty classes are included in every CrossFit membership.These additional classes are for those who want to take CrossFit to the next level!

*Olympic Weightlifting will focus strictly on technique with Snatches and Cleans and Jerks.

*Swim WODS- Seasonal

*Swift Relax