Joselyn Miller (CrossFit & Birthfit coach, and mom!) leads this program that focuses on the prenatal and postpartum mom. This time in a women's life requires more purposeful fitness instruction and programing with considerations of how to prepare for birth as well as the recovery from birth. Moms participate in workouts appropriate for each stage of the motherhood transition, including the functional progressions developed by BirthFit’s Dr. Erica Boland that focus on proper functionality of the core. Class times are flexible and dependent on client availability.


Q: I’m seven months pregnant or 8 months postpartum, is it too late for me
A: No! It is never to early or too late to start. These workouts are
designed to include functional movement that is purposeful and safe for any
mama, regardless of how far into their pregnancy or postpartum journey they

Q: I didn't work out before I got pregnant, is this appropriate now?

A: Labor and delivery, no matter the method of how baby comes, is the
biggest workout you'll do in your life. Training for it only makes sense.
Every workout is scalable and can be made appropriate to meet each mom
where they are at.