Athlete of the Month - Nykki Dash


I am overwhelmed with joy! What an honor it is to be selected as Athlete of the Month!

I had seen a few CrossFit competitions on ESPN and I figured why not try CrossFit. I was nervous, but I told myself I could do this. I knew lifts, squats, and cleans. What I didn’t know, is that what I thought I knew how to do, wasn’t even close to how it should be done. I didn’t know how to execute anything by CrossFit standards and it showed.

CrossFit humbled me quickly and wasn’t gentle about it. I stuck with it though, and it was tough in the beginning. It hurt a lot, but I couldn’t give up.

I’ve learned to take every PR, NO Rep, Rips, and Bail Outs as reasons to con...

Athlete of the Month - Justin Carter


I started going to TNT in October of 2018. I remember being so nervous and afraid to walk through those doors to try something new. I really needed to get out of my shell. I was so mentally and physically out of shape. I initially started with Swift classes and will never forget my first one. It was on the assault bike and I could barely do 10 straight calories on it. I felt like I was going to die afterward but continued to push myself to be better. I eventually transitioned to doing Crossfit classes. As I write this story I am now down 50+ pounds and in the best shape I have ever been. I am so glad I took that leap to try it out and even picked up some new friends along the way!

Athlete of the Month - Brooke Doherty


I’ll never forget my first few Swift classes when I could barely snatch a 10lb dumbbell. I have extreme gratitude for my soul sister, Valerie Farrell, who encouraged me to join her for a Swift class in August of 2018. I texted her the day after something along the lines of barely being able to walk up and down my stairs... so sore...etc. but I came back for more... and a mere four months later was working out 4-5 times a week! I felt good, stronger, overall happier! I have met some of my best friends and amazing mentors at TNT, and I always look forward to surrounding myself with good, down to earth, strong and kind people.

I jumped into CrossFit the month of January 2019 (in additio...

Athlete of the Month - Lyndy Kachadorian


This AOM post is a little different this time because it’s not written by the athlete! April’s athlete of the month actually thinks it’s going to someone else but little did she know we’re going to take some time to talk about how awesome she is.

CrossFit TNT’s April Athlete of the Month is Lyndy Kachadorian! Lyndy joined the TNT staff as a coach a little over two years ago. We are so thankful that she decided to become a full-time coach at TNT as she is a great example of an overall good human-being for all of our members.

Lyndy always goes above and beyond for TNT and its members. From running nutrition challenges to coaching clients at 5am, to starting a...

Athlete of the Month - Kate Jehle


WAAAHHHHH! This is crazy! I am so honored to be the Athlete of the Month for March. I obviously have to give a big shout out to Kari Tyson who brought me in for bring a friend day last year in June! It's hard to think it has only been 8 months since I first started. Needless to say, I have been obsessed ever since.

I remember seeing CrossFit for the first time about 7 years ago on tv at work. I could not stop looking at these incredibly strong women just dominating these workouts. I was in awe. I also remember thinking, wow, that's not anything I could ever do. I did not really do sports as a kid or in high school (#bandnerd). However, I have always wanted to be stronger and healthier but n...

Athlete of the Month - Joe Moll


It’s an Honor to be Athlete of the Month, great start to 2020!

I started CrossFit almost 6 years ago now. I’ve gone through many stages in my CrossFit journey. When I first started it was about survival, going 2 days a week and being super sore for the other 5. After 6 months to a year, the soreness went away and started to see a lot of changes and that’s when I was hooked. For the next 4 years or so I’ve probably at the gym doing 5-6 CrossFit classes a week and 2 Olympic lifting classes a week and some extra squatting.

The last year and a half have been a bit of a struggle for me because I injured my knee and was forced to take a step back from how much I was doing. ...

Athlete of the Month - Mark Carey


WOW!!! I am extremely honored to be selected as the athlete of the Month for December!

My CrossFit journey began with a visit to CrossFit TNT in January 2018. My only objective was to get to CrossFit classes as quickly as possible and get myself back in shape. I started with the Transformation Academy, followed by a few months of Swift classes, and then moved into CrossFit full time in May 2018.

I was not a model of health and was certainly not happy with myself. I always had an interest in weightlifting, fitness, and working out but it was always like 3 months on and then I would find excuses to miss a day or two and that eventually turned into 2-3 months off and then nothing, typical fitn...

Athlete of the Month - Alex Schmidt


Everyone has a journey, but finding joy in the journey is half the battle. After being blessed with the arrival of my youngest, I experienced severe post-partum anxiety that left it difficult for me to leave the house. For 9 months I debated returning to the gym as I knew I wouldn't be able to accomplish any fitness goals without help. I found it difficult to attempt to get off the floor, couldn't air squat, jog, or do push-ups. My beloved husband encouraged me to return to TNT every single day. I was terrified to walk through the gym door being a mere portion of the athlete I was prior to my multi-year athletic hiatus. Once I hit rock bottom, I knew I needed to do something positive both p...

Athlete of the Month - Sam Platt


Looking back in my email, I find that I first connected to Crossfit TNT in December 2017. I had tried Crossfit at another box, but I didn’t really connect there. I had gained a few pounds of fat and lost a few pounds of muscle every year since college, and was sick of it. I first joined Weight Watchers, then once I was at a manageable size, began to work out. Up to that point, I had not ever really had any success in gaining true fitness in my workouts. Although many of the people I flew with and served with in the Navy were excellent, and even elite athletes, I did not progress past barely passing my required fitness scores.

My first goal for Crossfit was to show up regularly, work ...

Athlete of the Month - Kari Tyson


I started my Crossfit journey in Madison, WI about 4 1/2 years ago. As most crossfitters know, the obsession is strong and loyalty to your first box can be even stronger.

My husband and I moved to St. Charles last year and I immediately searched for a new gym. Crossfit TNT was my first stop, and an hour later I was a member. The programing at TNT is outstanding, the members are friendly and encouraging, and the coaches are just alright ;) I kid. The coaches are kind, attentive and extremely knowledgeable.

I will be starting nursing school in September and will, unfortunately, be unable to attend CrossFit. I will greatly miss my time at TNT and look forward to stopping back in many times in ...