Athlete of the Month - Jason Clark


After COVID hit, I went from being in outside sales to working from home, Like most people, eating healthy and staying active became an afterthought. I noticed myself putting on weight, getting tired more often, and wearing "lazy day" clothes pretty much every day. When I hit my tipping point, I realized I was about 80 pounds heavier than I should be and I wasn't getting any younger. It felt like my motivation and metabolism hit a brick wall.

When I moved out to New Town about a year and a half ago, I noticed the TNT sign almost immediately, on my daily commute. By the way, what a great name, Today not Tomorrow, it really hits home, as most people are constantly waiting until Monday, or next...

Athlete of the Month - Jim Donovan


At first, when I received the email that I was chosen to be Athlete of the Month I thought they sent it to the wrong person. I had to double-check to make sure it was sent to the right email address. How in the world could it be me with all the other amazing members at TNT. Well, Courtney confirmed it was sent to the right person, so I will take it.

I am extremely grateful and humbled to be selected. I started coming to Swift classes a few years ago and continue to enjoy it today. I am not a morning person (unless I have a tee time) but I can honestly say that I look forward to coming to the 6am Swift every day. I grew up playing several different sports so being a part of a team is import...

Athlete of the Month - Chris Simms


I’m honored to be selected by the TNT family as the athlete of the month. This truly is a family, it’s not a gym. Ive worked out in gyms all my life. Never have I been in a place that encourages, pushes, builds you up regardless of what shape you’re in, enables, and truly helps you find strength like this family does. It’s not just the coaches, the workouts, the equipment, the atmosphere, it’s the people. Regardless of where you are in your fitness journey, no matter your size, ability, strength, skill, this family will help you better yourself.

I truly have spent my life in gyms. Growing up spending the majority of my weeks in a wrestling room I’ve alwa...

Athlete of the Month - Amber Bolich


TNT Fam! I am SO excited and SO honored to be selected as May’s AOM. Thank you to all the coaches for believing in me and to my fellow athletes for supporting me and always cheering me on! We have an amazing family at TNT and I am so grateful for you all!

Officially, I started at TNT in October 2016 attending Transformation Academy. Prior to that, I would occasionally drop in for “Fat Burning” (now known as “Swift”) with my dear friend, Allison Kaiser. Allison had not given up on her efforts to show me why she loved TNT and passed along the details of this awesome program. I will never be able to repay her.

I never imagined identifying as a crossfitter, but I w...

Athlete of the Month - Logan Watson


I joined TNT in August of 2019. At this point I hadn’t been in a gym in almost 2 years. I spent the first several months sporadically showing up for classes with absolutely no consistency. Finally 2021 rolled around and I made the decision to push myself and start working towards my fitness goals. I have been in the gym every Monday-Friday since the beginning of January and I have started taking the Olympic weightlifting class on Wednesday nights. Everyday I feel a little stronger and faster. It’s nice to know that the coaches at TNT have noticed my hard work over the passed few months and have chosen me as April’s Athlete of the Month.


Athlete of the Month - Megan Steinmann


I walked through the doors of CrossFit TNT for the first time in
September of 2010. I had been looking for a way to make fitness a part
of my life for years and had not yet found where I belonged. I
trained for a half marathon, worked out at club fitness, tried to do
at home videos and after a while just lost motivation. I was a
competitive athlete as a kid from the time I was old enough to join
softball, volleyball and basketball. After high school I chose not to
pursue college athletics and for many years I bounced around trying to
find where I belonged. Enter CrossFit! I actually won a 3 month
membership to TNT by winning an essay contest. From my first
foundations class, I was hooked. Since that...

Athlete of the Month - Emily Eldridge


What an honor it is to be selected as February’s Athlete of the Month!

I joined TNT in March of 2020 and it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. At the time, I had been consistently attending another gym, but was quickly getting bored with the workouts. I was looking for something new and challenging, and TNT provided just that!

I started with the Swift 10-pack and after the first month, I was hooked. When I made the transition over to CrossFit in June, I was WAY out of my comfort zone. Many of the barbell movements were completely new to me and I began to question what I’d gotten myself into. The coaches were amazing throughout the process though! They w...

Athlete of the Month - Darrell West


West - vital statistics:

Age - 51
Started CrossFit - March 2012 (literally puked after performing 1st WOD)
2020 starting weight - > 190 lbs
2020 ending weight - 151 lbs

Having started at TNT in early 2012, it’s an honor to finally be selected for AOM!

After 7 years of CrossFit 3x/week from 2012-2018, I completely fell off the wagon in 2019 and didn’t work out once. That’s right, not once. Weekly business travel, work stress, lack of sleep, increased alcohol consumption, and general laziness were my excuses for completely abandoning my wellness program and ending 2019 in a bad physical and mental state.

As 2020 started I bought a Swift 10-pack to see if I could ease bac...

Athlete of the Month - Mitesh Limbachia


I started CrossFit TNT a year and a half ago. I still remember my first few weeks. I was struggling not finishing work out on time, getting tired quickly. But slowly I started getting my rhythm. I had never done CrossFit exercise in my life and I was enjoying all the group classes. All the exercises are different and challenging. I also like every month of benchmark exercise. All the coaches are great they are always helpful. If you want to test your skill CrossFit TNT is the right place.
I strongly recommend it.

Athlete of the Month - Steve Mauricio


In thinking about my fitness journey at TNT, I went back to the app to see that my first Swift class was almost exactly one year ago. My last class prior to that was in November of 2016 at another gym. Why the 3-year gap? Lots of life changes meant I could use the familiar and convenient excuse: “I didn’t have the time.” During that hiatus, I hit a weight of 250 lbs., not the kind of PR to cheer about. After my annual physical, other all-time highs for me included blood pressure, cholesterol, and glucose levels. I knew I had to get back on track and change before prescriptions became a necessity. I saw one of the “looking for recommendations” posts on Facebook ...