Athlete of the Month - Rhonda Garrett


I joined TNT looking to add some variety to my typical gym routine for a few months. Like seriously, I told myself I would only do Swift for 3 months. What I found was a community of people who encourage, support, and motivate each other to achieve their personal best in health and fitness. The coaches meet each of us at our personal fitness level and push just enough to build confidence and drive improvement. My classmates, who I actually consider teammates, inspire me and others by showing what’s possible and shouting words of encouragement during a tough workout, which are most of the workouts.

My workouts are an anchor in my life, and with TNT I’ve taken them to a new leve...

Athlete of the Month - Emily Brunton


Athlete is definitely not a word I would have used to describe myself for most of my life. In fact, I’m pretty sure I wanted to quit through the whole warm-up of my first Swift class and I definitely never thought I’d find myself in a CrossFit class. But four years later and I can say I am in the best shape of my life. When I started at TNT, the gym was something I felt like I had to do but now I can say I truly enjoy and look forward to it in my day. That wouldn’t be possible without all the coaches, especially Courtney who’s been helping me crush goals, and the amazing community of support we have at TNT.

Athlete of the Month - Brandon Clark


Thank you so much for the nomination!! It’s pretty cool to be the recipient of Athlete of The Month… I’ve been coming to the gym for about a year & a half & to say this place has changed my life would be an understatement. I love being apart of such a positive/uplifting environment with super friendly individuals by my side. A special thanks to Ashley & all of the coaches at the gym for being great at what they do & helping not only me have a better quality of life, but everyone in the gym have a better one as well.

Athlete of the Month - Lauren Park


Wow! This is so exciting for a Crossfit junkie like me. I first began my Crossfit obsession in Fall 2015 after plantar fasciitis rendered my running career impossible to keep up with anymore. I joined Iron Wolf Crossfit in Columbia at the encouragement of my roommate and the rest is history. It was there that I made the most wonderful friends and developed lifelong relationships (including meeting my husband, Taylor 😊). After finishing my PhD at Mizzou, Taylor and I moved to St. Charles so that I could continue with a fellowship at WashU. We are beyond lucky to have found the most incredible gym in TNT just up the street from our house in New Town. What a wonderful community to have so cl...

Athlete of the Month - Aaron Murray


I had my first experience with CrossFit in 2018 when Lyndy (a coworker at the time) talked me into doing
wodapalooza! I thought “sure I’m strong I can do this” and found out I had a lot of work to do. I
couldn’t get enough! This sport and the community around it are amazing. I have the opportunity to
compete at a high level. I really have to thank TNT and Lyndy especially for giving me and my other
adaptive athletes this opportunity!

Athlete of the Month - Sheena Reidelberger


Athlete of the month!
Wow! This is an amazing honor and to everyone I say thank you.
I joined transformation academy in March of 2019 on a whim. I had actually missed the 1st 2 classes but better late than never right? I needed something in my life to get me moving, to get my mind healthier. I had 2 young kids at the time and Jacob was 7 and Corinne was 5 and I found myself questioning if I could actually jump from tall playground equipment and still climb a fence.
Because of swift today I am confident that I can keep up with 2 energetic kids who like to challenge me.
Swift is not only about my physical well-being but also has about my mental health and stability. This program has pushed me to ...

Athlete of the Month - John Kelly


Back in May of 2021 when I joined this diverse fitness community of like-minded “Goal
Getters” I had just attempted my first SWIFT class time cap that included Wallballs, V-Ups,
and Russian kettlebell swings. After the longest 14 minutes of my life, I gasped for air and asked myself the
important question, “What the hell am I doing, and can I cut this?” Today, and 300+
SWIFT classes later, I’m incredibly fueled and humbled to be the July 2022 AOM at
TNT Fitness.

Thank you TNT Coaches for this awesome nomination and for pushing me “in a healthy
way” to reach new limits. Thank you TNT community for being accepting to the TNT
“Newcomers” that work ...

Athlete of the Month - Matt Boyce


When I walked in to TNT a few years ago and met Oscar, I was looking for a change but I didn’t know how to do it.

My workouts were just lifting weights, with no programming, direction, or motivation.
I started personal training with Oscar and saw results in my mobility, flexibility, balance. We worked on strength, lifting mechanics and endurance. This eventually led me to be comfortable enough to try Olympic lifting classes. (My age plus 3 back surgeries had me thinking Olympic lifting wasn’t for me).
And I competed in my first weightlifting meet last month (and hit all 6 of my lifts).

Because my overall health had improved,
I have even been motivated to participate in Swift classes...

Athlete of the Month - Abhinav Gundapuneni


First of thank you for selecting me as athlete of the month for May.

It’s been one year working out with TNT. TNT is my motivation to wake up early and go to office on time, so that I can leave office and make it to TNT on time (almost 😅)

TNT helped me in building my confidence, tackle my work pressure, and to stay fit. I always have a great time and TNT always find a way to motivate me to come to all the classes.

Special shoot out to the coaches Ashley, Courtney, Lindy, Oscar, and Mike. You guys are the best. Always helped me with the technique and the workouts.

The people and the environment is always great. I never had a problem and TNT is always welcoming.

You guys deserve all th...

Athlete of the Month - Leigh Boyce


“Athlete” of the month? I could not be any more surprised! This might be the first time the word has been used to describe me. Normally I would have described myself as clumsy or uncoordinated. That may still be true but TNT has taught me that those traits don’t preclude me from successfully participating fully in the classes. I so appreciate all the coaches and all that they do - you are all amazing!

Currently, I am personal training, taking Swift classes, and doing nutrition counseling. I even did the Open this year which is something I never though I could do. Honestly, I have often thought my time had passed, that I should have started all of this in my 20s not 30 year...