December Fitness Bingo


The November challenge was such a hit that we are doing another challenge for December.

Let’s play some fitness bingo!

If you complete all tasks before Jan 1st 2022 you will be entered into a raffle to win a $100 rogue gift card.

Give December a strong fitness push and then if you are lucky start the new year with some cool swag or equipment from Rogue fitness.

You are highly encouraged to share your bingo progress on social media. Screenshot the bingo sheet and mark things off as you crush this challenge. If you aren’t on instagram or facebook you can save the picture and print it out from our monthly newsletter.

Clarifications about the bingo items:

  1. Leave a review on googl...

Transformation Academy - 4 Week beginner Fitness Program Starting April 12th


Registration link -> CLICK HERE

You want to start an exercise program but you are not sure of what to do.

You don’t want to figure out what exercise you should do and going to the gym by yourself leads to missed workouts and a lack of focus.

Are you looking for a gym environment that will keep you safe during these extraordinary times?

We have the exact thing that you have been looking for.

A 4-week beginner program that slowly introduces you to effective exercise, higher accountability, and instruction from knowledgeable fitness professionals.

This is not for casual gym-goers or someone that has workout experience. This is for you that haven’t been in a gym for a long time o...

New Program! - Individualized Workouts


We are launching a new service at TNT!

We will be offering personalized programming. This is a unique blend between our main offering which is group classes and personal training.

If you want to lose fat, build muscle, and be a well-rounded athlete then group class is the way to go. Our group classes cover the needs of 90% of our clients. CrossFit and Swift give you an overall fitness prescription that will keep you fit for a long time.

If you want more attention, accountability, and 100% customized workouts for your goals and schedule then personal training is what you need.


Let’s say you really like the group class and maybe the occasional personal training session. But yo...

Transformation Academy - 4 Week Fitness Program For Beginners Starting on September 9th


Ready to improve your health?

Book your spot right now -> Transformation Academy

Looking to get back into shape or start working out for the first time? This is for you.

Want to lose weight but don’t know what to do when you are at the gym? This is for you.

Do you want accountability from a group of like minded individuals and full time fitness professionals? This is for you.

The Transformation Academy solves all the above issues for you. Take out the guesswork and let us guide you in the right direction. This program starts at a slow pace that very gradually build up in intensity.

Can you run a mile without stopping, do push-ups, and plank for a minute? Then this program is no...

Iron Will - Off Season Strength & Conditioning Program for Endurance Athletes


It’s cold, dark, and you can’t do what you love the most which is running and cycling. I know it’s lame and you miss the long rides/runs in the sun. This might seem like a very unproductive time of the year for endurance athletes but that is far from true.

This is the perfect time to cross train, work on those weaknesses that have been holding you back, and set yourself up for many successful races this upcoming season. You have developed a tremendous capacity for endurance work and now it’s time to focus on strength, stability, injury prevention, and mobility.

You know that hill that always hits you like a ton of bricks and forces you to downshift?

Strengthening y...

New Childcare Hours Starting Thursday 10/4/2018


We are excited to announce that we have added new days and times to our childcre hours at TNT. We will do a ONE MONTH trial period to see how these added days and times work. If we get a good bite on these then we will continue forward with these hours. If not, then we may change some things around.

We want to thank all of our childcare providers for being so awesome! Make sure the next time you see Torrie, Kim, Jordan, Jake and Eliza to thank them. Let's make sure to also welcome both Jake and Eliza to our team.

Sunday 4-5pm Jordan

Monday 4-7pm Jake

Tuesday 5-7pm Torrie

NEW! Wednesday 9-10am Starts October 10th Eliza

Wednesday 5-7pm Torrie

NEW! Thursday 9-10:30am CrossFit & Swift. Starts October 4...

Transformation Academy - 4 Week Beginner Fitness Program starting on Sep 5th






Transformation Academy - Fitness for Beginners

This is a 4 week program that starts on Wednesday September 5th and ends on October 1st

Click here to secure a spot!

The program is $150 and includes

  • 12x45min transformation classes

  • 4x30min Swift classes

  • Nutrition guidelines

  • Online support and nutrition assignments through a closed FB group

Workout times:

  • Monday 6am-6:45am

  • Wednesday 6am-6:45am

  • Friday 6am-6:45am

This is a great fit for you if you

  • Have never exercised before or want to get back to exercising

  • Want individual coaching attention and motivation from a small group of like-minded individuals

  • Are looking to step up your workouts and nutrition for weight loss and better fitness

What happens ...

Legends Strength & Conditioning - Group Exercise Program for 65-75 year olds


Legends Strength & Conditioning

We are very pleased with the fitness improvements seen from our Legends class. This is tailored towards those that are 65-75 years old and want to stay in shape. Life becomes so much easier when you have the strength and endurance to handle daily tasks. We want to help give people the confidence and ability to do the activities they enjoy. Having stronger legs, better endurance, more flexibility, increased balance, will help greatly in everyday activities. This class isn’t about lifting heavy weights or bike ride super fast. This class is about helping people confidently climb stairs, walk their dogs, carry groceries, and play with their grandchildren....

What's in store for February?


For the month of February, we are going to introduce a new feature to our program - Plan B

Some days you just don’t feel like working out. Maybe you have been working out for several days in a row. You are sore, tired, and you need a rest day. What does the professional and elite athlete do when it’s time to rest?

The answer is active recovery. Now, this isn’t mandatory, it’s not a workout, it’s simply one more option that we want to offer you in order to reach better fitness, health, and performance.

During the middle of a workout, you are not getting faster, stronger, or more explosive. You are actually stressing the system and give the body a little bit of a b...

Lurong Nutrition Challenge - Starts on Jan 15th



Are you ready to crush your fitness goals in 2018?

The lurong challenge is a great way to improve your nutrition which is the most important part of improving body composition and fat loss. We have done these before at the gym and have seen great success. If you are new to the challenge here's some info for you.

- 5 Week challenge
- Weekly workouts performed at the gym used to measure progress (swift option will be available)
- Starts on Jan 15th and ends on Feb 18th
- CrossFit TNT will compete together as a team. You will be logging lifestyle habits and track diet on a daily basis
- The challenge is $55 and you get a bag of protein powder when registering
- We will be pre and post-testing o...