Transformation Academy - Spring 2022


The Transformation Academy is back! This 4 week beginner group class exercise program is perfect for someone looking to start or restart their fitness journey.


  • Starts on Monday April 4th

  • Ends on Saturday April 30th

Workout times (45min workout):

  • Monday 6:30am with coach Oscar

  • Monday 5pm with coach Lyndy

  • Tuesday 4pm with coach Ashley

  • Thursday 6PM with coach Mike

  • Friday 4pm with coach Oscar (No class April 22nd)

  • Saturday 9am Courtney


  • $179

Figuring out what exercise to do is a huge headache, let the TNT fitness professionals figure this out for you.

Doing this on your own is much more challenging than it needs to be, instead, join a group of like-minded beginners and you'll have a much ...

December Fitness Bingo


The November challenge was such a hit that we are doing another challenge for December.

Let’s play some fitness bingo!

If you complete all tasks before Jan 1st 2022 you will be entered into a raffle to win a $100 rogue gift card.

Give December a strong fitness push and then if you are lucky start the new year with some cool swag or equipment from Rogue fitness.

You are highly encouraged to share your bingo progress on social media. Screenshot the bingo sheet and mark things off as you crush this challenge. If you aren’t on instagram or facebook you can save the picture and print it out from our monthly newsletter.

Clarifications about the bingo items:

  1. Leave a review on googl...

CF 101 - An Introductory program to CrossFit Group Class


Have you been curious about trying CrossFit?

Is it a goal of yours to make some serious health improvements?

Are you looking to mix up your current routine or start working out?

A TNT group exercise class will help you reach all those goals, however, there are some pre-requisites needed before jumping into a regular class.

CF 101 is a great place to start. This program is designed to help a beginner get ready for a group class.

In order to get the full benefit from CrossFit, you need to know the basics of squatting, deadlifting, and pressing. TNT 101 is a 2-week course that will give you a solid understanding of the proper form for the foundational exercises we perform at TNT.

The sessio...

Spring Into Wellness Challenge


It's spring time! If your new year goals seem to be slipping, or you're feeling like you're in a slump, this challenge is for you!

This is different from the past challenges! There will be a nutrition seminar, right before the challenge begins. Coach Lyndy will be touching on different aspects of nutrition and habits. The seminar will also break down some of the confusing information that is out there, along with the hardships. This will also be the time to ask your questions, so bring them! The seminar will be on Saturday May 15th at noon.

This challenge will be different from the others as it is only two weeks. Why?...well... You can do anything for two weeks!

The challenge will begin May ...

Transformation Academy - 4 Week beginner Fitness Program Starting April 12th


Registration link -> CLICK HERE

You want to start an exercise program but you are not sure of what to do.

You don’t want to figure out what exercise you should do and going to the gym by yourself leads to missed workouts and a lack of focus.

Are you looking for a gym environment that will keep you safe during these extraordinary times?

We have the exact thing that you have been looking for.

A 4-week beginner program that slowly introduces you to effective exercise, higher accountability, and instruction from knowledgeable fitness professionals.

This is not for casual gym-goers or someone that has workout experience. This is for you that haven’t been in a gym for a long time o...

Fall Into Wellness Challenge - 30 Day Challenge Starting Nov 10th!


November 10th-December 10th. 30 days!

Fall time is the hardest time of the year to stick with our goals! The Fall into Wellness Challenge
is to help keep you on track but also give you room to enjoy your holidays while learning to stay
mentally strong for your goals!
In this challenge you will be.....

1. Learning to pay attention to what you eat
2. Learning to find balance in fitness
3. Learning manage your time
4. Learning how to appreciate your mind and body
5. Learning to be more confident in nutrition

This challenge comes with new rules and point system. The challenge will be individual but
open to NON-TNT members so grab a friend, a family member, or even a co-worker. You may
not be...

Transformation Academy - 4 Week Beginner Fitness Program


Transformation Academy

4-week beginner fitness program towards a more resilient you

Do you have a newfound appreciation for health?

Have you been contemplating going to the gym but don’t know where and how to start?

Are you looking for a gym environment that will keep you safe during these extraordinary times?

The transformation academy is exactly what you need. It’s a 4-week group class led by a coach designed specifically to slowly get you accustomed to working out. This is not for casual gym-goers or someone that has workout experience. This is for you that haven’t been to a gym for a long time or ever.

The workouts will help you burn fat, become more flexible, strengthen...

Independence Day 7/4/20


WOD & Swift


1mile run

100 Pull-ups

200 Push-ups

300 Air squats

1mile run




Jumping pull-ups

Elevated push-ups


1/2 Murph

Partner Nutrition Challenge - Winter 2020


Having a hard time keeping your resolutions?

Need a little more motivation to jumpstart 2020?

Are you ready to step up your nutrition and workout game?

Are you looking for extra accountability from a partner that’s going to call you out on your shenanigans?

If you said yes to any of those then we have just the thing you need!

We are doing another one of our very popular partner nutrition challenges. The guidelines are simple and VERY powerful. We have 9 daily points available along with added bonus points for this challenge and your goal is to get as many of them as possible with your partner for 30 days.

The challenge is $20 per person! Prizes to be announced!

The challenge starts on Sund...

Veteran's Day 2019!


“Home of the free, because of the brave.”

CrossFit TNT would like to give a special thanks to all of the members who have served in the military. We are blessed to be able to workout with some U.S. Veterans every day!

If you see these awesome people today, be sure to give them a thank you for their service:


Jason Barnaby Maddock

January 2020 marks 20 years since I enlisted in the U.S. Army as an MP. I only served 5 years but the short period of time shaped me greatly.”


Josh Huck

Intelligence Specialist in the Navy from 2001-2005


Trevor Knecht

U.S. Navy

Joe Perry

U.S. Navy

Mike Burkart

US Army Field Artillery officer and served active duty from 1985 - 1989, then ...