Partner Challenge!


Partner Nutrition Challenge - Fall 2019

Are you ready to step up your nutrition and workout game?

Are you looking for extra accountability from a partner that’s going to call you out on your shenanigans?

Do you want to win personal training session, protein powder, braggin rights, and score some personal records in the process?

We have just the thing you need.

We are doing another one of our very popular partner nutrition challenges. The guidelines are simple and VERY powerful. We have 9 daily points available and your goal is to get as many of them as possible with your partner for 30 days.

The challenge is $20 per person and these are the prizes for the challenge winners:

  • 1st 5x30min d...

Transformation Academy - 4 Week Fitness Program For Beginners



You are not 100% happy with your fitness level. You want to start an exercise program but are not sure of what to do. You don’t want to figure out what exercise you should do and going to the gym by yourself leads to missed workouts and lack of intensity.


A 4-week beginner program that slowly introduces you to effective exercise, practical nutrition strategies, higher accountability, and instruction from knowledgeable fitness professionals.

This is a 4-week program that starts on Monday, March 25th and ends on Saturday, April 20th. The cost is $149.

Workout times:

  • Monday 6am-6:45am

  • Wednesday 6am-6:45am

  • Saturday 8am-8:...

Partner Challenge! - 20 Day Challenge for CrossFitters and Swifters


Swifters and CrossFitters!

It’s time to kick it into high gear and what better way to do so than with a fun challenge. This time we are bringing back the very successful partner format. Extra support, more accountability, and better results. We’ve got some fresh rules, great prices, and special offer to friends/family/spouses that’s been thinking about doing Swift classes.

The prizes for top teams are:

  • 1st place

    • 10x30min Semi-private personal training session with coach Oscar ($435)

  • 2nd place

    • Nutrition consultation for both teammates ($240)

  • 3rd place

    • 1 month supply EACH of protein powder from supplement superstore ($110)

Those are some sweet prices that will help you crush any ...

Iron Will - Off Season Strength & Conditioning Program for Endurance Athletes


It’s cold, dark, and you can’t do what you love the most which is running and cycling. I know it’s lame and you miss the long rides/runs in the sun. This might seem like a very unproductive time of the year for endurance athletes but that is far from true.

This is the perfect time to cross train, work on those weaknesses that have been holding you back, and set yourself up for many successful races this upcoming season. You have developed a tremendous capacity for endurance work and now it’s time to focus on strength, stability, injury prevention, and mobility.

You know that hill that always hits you like a ton of bricks and forces you to downshift?

Strengthening y...

How do I start?


How to start at CrossFit TNT?

Step 1: Sit down with a coach for a free 30 minute “No Sweat Intro”.

You will schedule a day and time to come to TNT with one of our coaches and get a tour of the facility, discuss your goals and talk one on one about your unique personal fitness/injury history. At CrossFit TNT, we don’t have a cookie cutter approach to fitness because your goals and needs are different just like all our members are as well. During the “No Sweat Intro” your coach will tell a brief history about TNT and explain to you all of the program choices. This way your personal coaches can help lead you in the best direction for your fitness goals.

We have a ...

Transformation Academy - 4 Week Beginner Fitness Program starting on Sep 5th






Transformation Academy - Fitness for Beginners

This is a 4 week program that starts on Wednesday September 5th and ends on October 1st

Click here to secure a spot!

The program is $150 and includes

  • 12x45min transformation classes

  • 4x30min Swift classes

  • Nutrition guidelines

  • Online support and nutrition assignments through a closed FB group

Workout times:

  • Monday 6am-6:45am

  • Wednesday 6am-6:45am

  • Friday 6am-6:45am

This is a great fit for you if you

  • Have never exercised before or want to get back to exercising

  • Want individual coaching attention and motivation from a small group of like-minded individuals

  • Are looking to step up your workouts and nutrition for weight loss and better fitness

What happens ...

Legends Strength & Conditioning - Group Exercise Program for 65-75 year olds


Legends Strength & Conditioning

We are very pleased with the fitness improvements seen from our Legends class. This is tailored towards those that are 65-75 years old and want to stay in shape. Life becomes so much easier when you have the strength and endurance to handle daily tasks. We want to help give people the confidence and ability to do the activities they enjoy. Having stronger legs, better endurance, more flexibility, increased balance, will help greatly in everyday activities. This class isn’t about lifting heavy weights or bike ride super fast. This class is about helping people confidently climb stairs, walk their dogs, carry groceries, and play with their grandchildren....

Beginner Fitness & Weight Loss Program - 4 weeks


Transformation Academy - Get back into shape after summer shenanigans!
- 4 Week beginner friendly program
- 4 Workouts per week (45min each)
- Weight loss specific
- Nutrition Program & Lifestyle Guidelines
- Lot’s of fun workouts coached in a small group setting

The Transformation Academy is $175 and includes 4 weeks of semi-private workouts (16 workout sessions that last 45min), 4x30min Swift classes for makeup sessions, and a nutrition program)

Dates & Times-
Registration begins: Monday, August 28th
First Workout: Monday, September 11th
Last Workout: Saturday, October 7th

Transformation Academy workout times:
Monday @ 6 pm
Wednesday @ 6 pm
Thursday @ 6 pm
Saturday @ 9:30 am

If you are ready to com...

Runner's High - 4 Week Running & Endurance Program


Are you ready to crush your first ever 5K? Maybe sign up for a tough mudder? Been dreaming of completing a triathlon, half-marathon, or even a full marathon? Maybe you are just sick of feeling out of breath and low on energy. This program will help you improve your endurance and running technique for a more enjoyable running experience and a higher level of fitness.

“Runner’s High” is TNT’s spring endurance program. This is a 4-week long endurance program designed for you to improve your endurance and running technique. This running program will be tailored to your level to find a challenging pace and distance. This is open to all levels of runners as well as members ...

Transformation Academy is Back! - Starting on Jan 22nd


Are you ready to make 2017 a healthy & great year? This is a great place to start if you are ready to take charge of your health.

If you want to lose weight, improve your endurance, strengthen your core, lose inches around your waist, and increase overall fitness in only 5 weeks then this program is for you. That’s what the previous groups have achieved and now it’s your turn.

The Transformation Academy has a limited amount of spots and they will go fast. Reserve your spot today and start the journey towards better health. This edition has only 10 spots available.

Transformation Academy is a 5-week fitness & nutrition program. The goal of the program is to make you healthier and ki...