Postpartum Journey Blog 3


Being 12 pounds down from the 1st to final weigh in of the Lurong Championship Challenge has me feeling great! Having just given birth, my motivation was high this challenge, better yet, my commitment level was higher than ever. In addition to the many fat lbs converted to lean mass, a sense of accomplishment comes from a now 60 pound weight loss since starting CrossFit.

I've heard many times from my peers how seamless my return has been and I am truly thankful for the 38 weeks of my pregnancy I was able to continue with a modified form of my normal fitness routine. The results I've seen, at what is now 3 1/2 months postpartum, I owe to my dedication but also to the programming designed to c...

Postpartum Journey Blog 2-Meg Hesemann


Someone asked me recently how my recovery from Mackenzie being born varies from when Adeline and Grant were born. As I was not a regular exerciser prior to their birth, I cant compare. What I can say is this- I am challenged, goal oriented and determined!

In the last 5 weeks I have managed to lose any remaining weight I gained while pregnant as well as an additional 4 lbs since the start of our Lurong Championship Challenge at TNT. I have worked hard to stay committed to cooking the right foods at home and track what I'm eating. With any pregnancy, a woman's body composition changes and I accept that my inches and weight will not rebound at the same rate. That's ok!

I have yet to resume wor...

Postpartum Journey Blog 1 - Meg


In a flash 6 weeks was over. While I routinely dreamt of working out and at 4 weeks postpartum I got "caught" bringing the dumbells into the house by my husband I will also freely say how much I loved not setting the alarm for 4am!

Ms. Mackenzie was born on July 18th at 7lb 9oz of beautiful and we've been wrapped around her tiny finger ever since. Becoming a family of 5 has been the most exciting adventure for our family. With a big sister and brother who play rock, paper, scissors over who gets to hold her first and the endless love of her parents and pets too, Mackenzie's off to a great start!

Last week I was cleared for exercise by my Doctor and I contemplated driving straight from there ...

From My beginning To Yours - Blog #79



Wrapping up my daughter's and my #babyandmewods with sled pulls and farmer carries was a great last test of mental and physical endurance before labor, delivery and recovery. I guess I can say that I tapped out near the end of 36 weeks pregnant. I am willing to admit, I didn't think that day would come...believing I would feel capable of a solid workout up until delivery seemingly overnight transformed into certainty I cannot.

It's now that I point out to anyone reading that a great thing has happened. Life has been created and my fitness routine has been maintained! In regards to working out while pregnant, what a different experience this pregnancy has been from my other two.

I, along w...

From My Beginning To Yours - Blog #78

temp-post-image Listening to our bodies tell us what's best is a simple concept that should be easy to follow. So often though, we don't listen. We push when we shouldn't or not at all when we have so much left to give. In an environment like CrossFit TNT we have the wisdom of our Coaching Team to guide us when we are in doubt. They redirect us to scaled and alternate movements when as individuals we may be working to recover from injury, facing a day that needs more active recovery than intense training or in my case, are 8 months pregnant! Taking the time to listen to our bodies and our coaches keeps us productive and moving safely.

Last week, baby and I were only able to work out 1 day. On Tuesday, in ...

From My Beginning To Yours - Blog #77

temp-post-image Summer is in full swing which means while the days are longer, most likely, we are trying to pack three times the activities into each one. I know with the countdown to our baby girl's arrival, I'm squeezing in as much outside and pool time as I can with our 4 and 6-year-olds, knowing that when our sweet girl arrives it won't be quite as easy to grab a towel and go. I want to max out summer with the kiddos as best we can.

So, on the go, I've been throwing together some crockpots of chicken, packing snacks before we leave and while leaving room to be spontaneous, planning enough to know where we will be during meal times to make the best choices.

At 34 weeks, we have 6 weeks left of Baby an...

From My Beginning To Yours - #76


Here I am at 32 weeks pregnant. My feet are starting to swell, the veins in my legs look like I lost a fight and my physical disposition doesn't reflect the overall glow of pregnancy so many expect to see. I feel huge, tired and nauseous. I'm thankful the urge to nest came as early as it did because Lord knows it's easier to rearrange whole rooms of the house when you can still see your feet. But...most of all, I'm SO very excited to meet our new baby girl!! As this is our 3rd baby, I know all too well the second I hold our baby in my arms the feelings of discomfort, constant indigestion, occasional vomiting and swelling will all be forgotten. At the end of this uncomfortable road is the m...

From My Beginning To Yours - #75


Almost 30 weeks have come and gone. We will be meeting our sweet baby girl before we know it! With just 10 short weeks of pregnancy and Baby and Me WOD's left, it's an understatement to say I'm in nesting mode. Always trying to squeeze so much into every day.

I've been struggling past my lack of energy to get as many workouts in as I can, knowing that when our sweet girl arrives it will be several weeks before I'm able to workout. I've been thinking more about meal prepping for when baby is born. It's important to me to set myself up for a successful jump start once we are all home, starting our new journey as a family of 5!

It's time to prep freezer meals I can throw in the crock pot and p...

From My Beginning To Yours- Blog #74


Almost 28 weeks pregnant. 12 more weeks to go until we get to meet our sweet baby girl. So much has changed about my exercise routine. My rowing form is slightly altered to make room for my growing bump, my generally good pace on the bike has become more of a turtles pace and I've taken to using plates for added height when doing cleans and deadlifts, basically any lift started at ground level.

This was a good gym week. I was able to make time for three workouts and scale or change as needed to be safe for baby and me. One day's workout, my already scaled jumping pull ups transitioned to ring rows as Coach Joselyn had suggested before. Listening to what feels right for the baby and my body is...

From My Beginning To Yours - Blog 72

temp-post-imageIt's springtime in St. Louis. The grass is turning green and the buds on the trees are...wait, it's springtime in St. Louis and the Easter snow melted in time for a balmy 60 degree day. Now we wait as this weekends snow potentially hits! How is this affecting you? I can't decide if I want to start a fire and bundle up or put on shorts and fake it till we finally make it to warmer days. To top it off, I firmly believe the ups and downs of the weather affects our sleep schedules. The covers are warm, our bodies are tired, not so fun for us early risers, or anyone really!

Here I am trying to maintain a workout schedule as pregnancy insomnia has hit. Not being able to sleep half the night with ...