Postpartum Journey Blog 3


Being 12 pounds down from the 1st to final weigh in of the Lurong Championship Challenge has me feeling great! Having just given birth, my motivation was high this challenge, better yet, my commitment level was higher than ever. In addition to the many fat lbs converted to lean mass, a sense of accomplishment comes from a now 60 pound weight loss since starting CrossFit.

I've heard many times from my peers how seamless my return has been and I am truly thankful for the 38 weeks of my pregnancy I was able to continue with a modified form of my normal fitness routine. The results I've seen, at what is now 3 1/2 months postpartum, I owe to my dedication but also to the programming designed to challenge us everyday at TNT.

I'm meeting goal...

Postpartum Journey Blog 2-Meg Hesemann

Someone asked me recently how my recovery from Mackenzie being born varies from when Adeline and Grant were born. As I was not a regular exerciser prior to their birth, I cant compare. What I can say is this- I am challenged, goal oriented and determined!

Postpartum Journey Blog 1 - Meg


In a flash 6 weeks was over. While I routinely dreamt of working out and at 4 weeks postpartum I got "caught" bringing the dumbells into the house by my husband I will also freely say how much I loved not setting the alarm for 4am!

Ms. Mackenzie was born on July 18th at 7lb 9oz of beautiful and we've been wrapped around her tiny finger ever since. Becoming a family of 5 has been the most exciting adventure for our family. With a big sister and brother who play rock, paper, scissors over who gets to hold her first and the endless love of her parents and pets too, Mackenzie's off to a great start!

Last week I was cleared for exercise by my Doctor and I contemplated driving straight from there to the gym! Ha! But seriously, the alarm was set for the very next morning. The 4 AM alarm is now set for 330. It works out perfectly with Mackenzie's feeding schedule. She's ready to nurse, I'm ready to leave for my workout and just like before, this Momma and Wife is gone and back again before the day begins. Making time for myself and my health a priority. Making time to be the best me I can be for my family.

Though I know it wasn't planned, it felt like a present that my 1st day back included front and back squats. Squatting for the 1st time since my 1st trimester really was exciting!

I opted to go 2x a week for these first two weeks back and will increase to 3 and 4 times a week over this next month. I've been working on tracking my food at home and while I'm back in most of my pre-pregnancy clothes this postpartum body is different than before. While they haven't been taken yet, I'm sure my measurements reflect that.

Currently I'm signed up to participate in the upcoming Lurong Championship Challenge. It is my hope that hitting reset on my nutrition with some of my fellow athletes will jump start my continued weightloss and set me on the right track to see some major change over the course of the next few months.

Being back at CrossFit TNT feels great. I'm starting over again. Looking at my weights lifted, row times, etc. as a baseline. Choosing not to feel defeated when things look much different than before but rather excited to climb back up to where I was and more.

This week I was doing air squats during a workout prescribed for pistols and I scaled the scaled weight prescribed for our benchmark workout. That's ok. I have to start from somewhere and right where I'm at is it! Wherever you are with your fitness journey, sitting at home planning to start next week or a seasoned "really good exerciser" as good friend of mine would say, don't wait to set goals for yourself. Make it fun and see yourself grow in the process. Come check us out at CrossFit TNT. Age and ability aside, there is seriously something for everyone!

From My beginning To Yours - Blog #79


Wrapping up my daughter's and my #babyandmewods with sled pulls and farmer carries was a great last test of mental and physical endurance before labor, delivery and recovery. I guess I can say that I tapped out near the end of 36 weeks pregnant. I am willing to admit, I didn't think that day would come...believing I would feel capable of a solid workout up until delivery seemingly overnight transformed into certainty I cannot.

It's now that I point out to anyone reading that a great thing has happened. Life has been created and my fitness routine has been maintained! In regards to working out while pregnant, what a different experience this pregnancy has been from my other two.

I, along with my family, am over the moon excited to meet our sweet girl! Who will she look most like, what color will her eyes be, how much will she weigh, will she love to be swaddled or break free? I can't wait to see her little hands and feet, hold her tight and look at her while she looks at me...

I know all too well how fast the 1st weeks fly by. I'm going to soak up every minute! After the next 6 to 8 weeks I'll be back at CrossFit TNT ready to lift all the things!! It will be new again and I don't know what to expect from my body. I do know this, while it will be a whole new kind of beginning at the gym, all of the training hours I've put in over the last three years have brought me to this point and will carry me through the starting line again.

I can't wait to share our baby girl's arrival and come back ready to rock out some weight loss and PRs. How great to have the direction of TNT's amazing coaches and support of my friends and peers at CrossFit when I return!

From My Beginning To Yours - Blog #78

temp-post-image Listening to our bodies tell us what's best is a simple concept that should be easy to follow. So often though, we don't listen. We push when we shouldn't or not at all when we have so much left to give. In an environment like CrossFit TNT we have the wisdom of our Coaching Team to guide us when we are in doubt. They redirect us to scaled and alternate movements when as individuals we may be working to recover from injury, facing a day that needs more active recovery than intense training or in my case, are 8 months pregnant! Taking the time to listen to our bodies and our coaches keeps us productive and moving safely.
Last week, baby and I were only able to work out 1 day. On Tuesday, in addition to the days cardio, I completed 5 sets of 9 Deadlifts, 40 Hang Power Cleans and 40 Push Jerks. It felt great...moderate weights and the burn of a good cardio workout! It wasn't long before I could feel it-the soreness that comes from a good push. In my case though, I was totally wiped out! While I gave my best on Tuesday, I literally failed to get up with my alarm the whole rest of the week. Baby said sleep, and as we've heard Coach Oscar and others tell us often, sleep and good nutrition are just as important to our overall success as our fitness routine. SO, I slept.
I would have liked to workout more last week but, I am just so happy that baby and I are healthy and able to push when energy allows and respect the need to rest when necessary.
This week was awesome! Monday and Thursday were packed with cardio, wall balls, step ups, dumbbell work and more. So much was scaled and that is A-OK with me! Baby girl and I are at the cusp of 36 weeks and we just keep moving along, pushing when we can, resting when we need and trusting in our coaches and doctor to guide us along the way.
I CAN'T believe meeting our sweet girl is just around the corner! Whatever life's excitement or stressors are for you right now one thing we can all choose is to make maintaining and improving our health a priority. Come check out one of our programs at TNT! There is something for you too!

From My Beginning To Yours - Blog #77

temp-post-image Summer is in full swing which means while the days are longer, most likely, we are trying to pack three times the activities into each one. I know with the countdown to our baby girl's arrival, I'm squeezing in as much outside and pool time as I can with our 4 and 6-year-olds, knowing that when our sweet girl arrives it won't be quite as easy to grab a towel and go. I want to max out summer with the kiddos as best we can.
So, on the go, I've been throwing together some crockpots of chicken, packing snacks before we leave and while leaving room to be spontaneous, planning enough to know where we will be during meal times to make the best choices.
At 34 weeks, we have 6 weeks left of Baby and Me WODS. In the last two weeks, through TNT's programming, I've worked on hanging power snatches, sled push shuttle runs, hanging clean and jerks and more. This month's benchmark workout was the 5K, for baby and me that was 4 miles on the bike. The last 2 years, I've shaved a lot of time off my 5k and while this year feels almost like a pass I know that next June will be here before I blink. I'll just have to see what it brings. With so many possibilities for improvement, all I can do is my best when the time comes.
For now, I'm going to continue to do my best to WOD 3 times a week before the baby comes, keep my attitude positive and remember to be thankful that I'm able to put forth the effort. Even if there are days I don't feel like it, I'm going to keep getting up and making it happen. No one can do it for me.
Come check us out at TNT, choose "Today Not Tomorrow" with us, push yourself outside of your comfort zone. The reward is worth it!

From My Beginning To Yours - #76


Here I am at 32 weeks pregnant. My feet are starting to swell, the veins in my legs look like I lost a fight and my physical disposition doesn't reflect the overall glow of pregnancy so many expect to see. I feel huge, tired and nauseous. I'm thankful the urge to nest came as early as it did because Lord knows it's easier to rearrange whole rooms of the house when you can still see your feet. But...most of all, I'm SO very excited to meet our new baby girl!! As this is our 3rd baby, I know all too well the second I hold our baby in my arms the feelings of discomfort, constant indigestion, occasional vomiting and swelling will all be forgotten. At the end of this uncomfortable road is the most amazing thing...a whole new human being, our baby girl! Nothing could be better.

While so many things about this experience remain the same as my last 2 pregnancies one thing is drastically different. I have maintained a fitness routine. It changes every week. I scale things a little more, sub out another movement for one I can still effectively do or lift less than I know I otherwise could to be safe for baby. As I continue to scale the workout, I am thankful for what I can do and that I've maintained the dedication to do it. Last week I was able to get in workouts on Mon, Wed, and Fri. This week, with a crazy schedule, I was able to make it in twice. Coach Oscar's programming has kept us on our toes. That programming and our coaches ever ready ability to tailor the workout to fit our physical restrictions makes it easy to feel comfortable and confident both in the gym and completing the lifts, rowing, biking, etc.

I'm also enjoying continuing to gear up for post-delivery menus and meal prepping.

For now, that's all. I'm happy to be sharing this part of my story through my blog. I'm hopeful that inspiration can be found and through reading you will see TNT has something for everyone whether you have no restrictions or many. Come check us out!

From My Beginning To Yours - #75


Almost 30 weeks have come and gone. We will be meeting our sweet baby girl before we know it! With just 10 short weeks of pregnancy and Baby and Me WOD's left, it's an understatement to say I'm in nesting mode. Always trying to squeeze so much into every day.

I've been struggling past my lack of energy to get as many workouts in as I can, knowing that when our sweet girl arrives it will be several weeks before I'm able to workout. I've been thinking more about meal prepping for when baby is born. It's important to me to set myself up for a successful jump start once we are all home, starting our new journey as a family of 5!

It's time to prep freezer meals I can throw in the crock pot and plan what fresh foods I'll need in advance. The time to make the menus is now! I may even cave and get an Instapot. I don't plan to go extreme Whole 30 but start with a clean eating reset and get my nutrition in line as I'm home recovering. I'm sure that will include seeking out knowledge and guidance from Coach Rochelle and Coach Oscar as all things CrossFit and nutrition do! What better way to prepare my body to hit the gym hard and get back in gear once released by my doctor. I am looking forward to pushing hard in my cardiovascular work and getting my hands on my bar with no restrictions! ALL the squats! It will be amazing!

Three years ago this week, I walked into CrossFit TNT for the very first time. I sat through a nutrition seminar, got on the scale (which was awful) and had my measurements taken. In the time since, CrossFit has become a part of my daily life. I'm forever thankful that Rochelle and I met by divine intervention one day at our kids gymnastics class. That one moment set into motion such a change in my life!

Because of all I have learned and accomplished over the last 3 years, I feel confident and prepared to send the 15 pounds I have gained this pregnancy on its way once baby girl is here. I know that with CrossFit TNT I'm equipped with the support, network and experts I need to be successful. Most importantly, I'm equipped with motivation and dedication!

I'm so glad to be sharing this time with you all. Hoping you can find inspiration through it all. Come check us out at TNT! There is programming available for everyone no matter your age and restrictions!

From My Beginning To Yours- Blog #74


Almost 28 weeks pregnant. 12 more weeks to go until we get to meet our sweet baby girl. So much has changed about my exercise routine. My rowing form is slightly altered to make room for my growing bump, my generally good pace on the bike has become more of a turtles pace and I've taken to using plates for added height when doing cleans and deadlifts, basically any lift started at ground level.

This was a good gym week. I was able to make time for three workouts and scale or change as needed to be safe for baby and me. One day's workout, my already scaled jumping pull ups transitioned to ring rows as Coach Joselyn had suggested before. Listening to what feels right for the baby and my body is the most important aspect of every workout r...

From My Beginning To Yours - Blog 72

temp-post-imageIt's springtime in St. Louis. The grass is turning green and the buds on the trees are...wait, it's springtime in St. Louis and the Easter snow melted in time for a balmy 60 degree day. Now we wait as this weekends snow potentially hits! How is this affecting you? I can't decide if I want to start a fire and bundle up or put on shorts and fake it till we finally make it to warmer days. To top it off, I firmly believe the ups and downs of the weather affects our sleep schedules. The covers are warm, our bodies are tired, not so fun for us early risers, or anyone really!
Here I am trying to maintain a workout schedule as pregnancy insomnia has hit. Not being able to sleep half the night with not being able to get up in the morning means I'm battling with myself daily to maintain two to three 5a.m. workouts a week. Combine the weather with this insomnia and were it not for my dedication and friends who keep me accountable I'd be a mess! Well, more than I am already. Ha!
I knocked out solid work in the gym 2 days last week and while I was slow to start made it 3 days back to back this week. As we kicked off April and completed Benchmark Workout, DT, I was pleased to finish the workout in 13:08 at 83 pounds. When comparing this to last year's heavy Rx DT at 113 pounds and 2016's DT at 83 pounds I could choose to be disappointed in not going with the heavier weight this year. Instead, I'm thrilled that at almost 25 weeks, baby and I knocked out scaled DT almost 2 minutes faster than I did in 2016!
As baby is growing and moving I'm continuing to sub out certain movements and scale lifts when needed. I'm loving this time of Baby and Me WOD's and experiencing pregnancy in a different way than with my daughter and son before. Maintaining regular exercise doesn't mean I won't have to fight to get back to my pre-pregnancy abilities once baby is here, but for now, as my blood pressure stays in a good place and I continue to feel great, I know my lifestyle choices have so much to do with that and I'm grateful!
I'm looking forward to the free prenatal and postpartum fitness workshop on April 15th at 2:30p.m. Coach Joselyn is so passionate about this and I know it will be a great opportunity to learn!
Thanks for following this time with me! What are you doing to get moving? Come check out all our options at CrossFit TNT!