Athlete of the Month - Alex Schmidt


Everyone has a journey, but finding joy in the journey is half the battle. After being blessed with the arrival of my youngest, I experienced severe post-partum anxiety that left it difficult for me to leave the house. For 9 months I debated returning to the gym as I knew I wouldn't be able to accomplish any fitness goals without help. I found it difficult to attempt to get off the floor, couldn't air squat, jog, or do push-ups. My beloved husband encouraged me to return to TNT every single day. I was terrified to walk through the gym door being a mere portion of the athlete I was prior to my multi-year athletic hiatus. Once I hit rock bottom, I knew I needed to do something positive both physically and spiritually. Thankfully, the next day I walked back through the doors of the gym that was such a large part of my past life; where I coached, and where I met my beloved husband. I was overwhelmed to be greeted by the warm smiles and encouragement that has pulled me through to the present.

Thank you for the amazing coaches that take the thought out of my workout (and insert a ton of FUN). I get to show up and have them repeat the skill and WODs multiple times for their hyperactive athlete:). To all the wonderful gym friends I've made, thanks for the extra miles you've run with me and all the impromptu dance parties! You all are the best company around. I'm so glad I've returned home to TNT. For anyone considering walking through the front door, don't let fear stop you.


Alex Schmidt