Athlete of the Month - Amber Bolich


TNT Fam! I am SO excited and SO honored to be selected as May’s AOM. Thank you to all the coaches for believing in me and to my fellow athletes for supporting me and always cheering me on! We have an amazing family at TNT and I am so grateful for you all!

Officially, I started at TNT in October 2016 attending Transformation Academy. Prior to that, I would occasionally drop in for “Fat Burning” (now known as “Swift”) with my dear friend, Allison Kaiser. Allison had not given up on her efforts to show me why she loved TNT and passed along the details of this awesome program. I will never be able to repay her.

I never imagined identifying as a crossfitter, but I wanted to get back in the gym consistently and thought Transformation Academy was a good opportunity into that transition. After I graduated, Oscar’s coined phrase “I’ll see you at the gym” became a reality. I began my “Swift” membership and eventually began dabbling in Crossfit.

The gym not only allows ME to expand my mind, accomplish my health and fitness goals, and overall, be a better person, but it also allows me to help others do the same for themselves. I love that most about this family and community: everyone wants to be better, and everyone wants to help everyone else be better. It’s simply amazing!