Athlete of the Month - Brooke Doherty


I’ll never forget my first few Swift classes when I could barely snatch a 10lb dumbbell. I have extreme gratitude for my soul sister, Valerie Farrell, who encouraged me to join her for a Swift class in August of 2018. I texted her the day after something along the lines of barely being able to walk up and down my stairs... so sore...etc. but I came back for more... and a mere four months later was working out 4-5 times a week! I felt good, stronger, overall happier! I have met some of my best friends and amazing mentors at TNT, and I always look forward to surrounding myself with good, down to earth, strong and kind people.

I jumped into CrossFit the month of January 2019 (in addition to Swift) to build on strength and endurance as well as to learn all of the major lifts with a barbell. It’s funny in hindsight because I was pretty skeptical of CrossFit and thought it was just a fad. I got to know and trust the coaches which alone was a pretty solid foundation when starting something new and scary. The skepticism faded quickly and CrossFit became a part of my life. It didn’t feel like just another gym membership where I’d go and feel lulled by the white noise the hundreds of machines made, or anxious because I didn’t know what to do or if the machine I felt comfortable with would be available. I now realize that CrossFit is not a fad and TNT is my home away from home. Everyone knows that the hardest part is showing up. I have never regretted walking through that door!

CrossFit has inspired me in so many ways I never imagined possible. I have the healthiest relationship with my body now than I’ve had my entire life. I’ve competed in a Festivus competition, placed in two partner nutrition challenges, cycled a century, and run a half marathon! I get to pay it forward by inspiring my family and friends to lead a healthy lifestyle; that STRONG is BEAUTIFUL!

“Don’t worry about what people might think, imagine all those you could inspire”. This is my mantra, especially lately as I’m doing double unders in my driveway or running past the same neighbor 4 times to warm up. My kids are keeping track of how much sidewalk chalk I am using. Not for grip, but to jot down the zoom meeting IDs and passwords on the concrete!

In closing, it’s been so awesome seeing everyone else kick butt at home too! Thank you all for encouraging me to move every day. Looking forward to seeing everyone again soon at the gym!!