Athlete Of The Month - Cynthia Gieseke


I was a “drop in” athlete for about 6 years before I FINALLY committed by joining the Transformation Academy, led by Oscar. I loved the classes and the competition, but was not comfortable with the movements or what names like “Thruster”, “Snatch” or “Clean” actually meant! After the 5 weeks devoted to Transformation Academy, I decided to continue and signed up for my CrossFit TNT membership. A few of the women in my class signed up with me. We made a pact to go together to support each other. That was in July of 2016. I think I am the only one from that class that continued the membership and is still active today!

I have learned SO much from the coaches in my almost 2 years being committed to CrossFit! I have participated in 2 Lurong challenges and finally figured out meal prep and healthy eating habits. During the last challenge, I saw some incredible results and am now even more committed to CrossFit and my health. I am now participating in my first CrossFit Open and LOVE the competition! It is fierce, but at the same time, I am amazed at all the support from ALL the athletes and coaches.

In about 6 weeks I will be turning 49! (I know – old, right?) I feel like I am in better health than I was at 30, and am committed to improving every day. My new year’s resolution was to RX every workout that I am CAPABLE of doing. Still working on my double unders, rope climbs, pull ups and muscle ups, but with the hard work and dedication I am investing, I hope to reach those goals by the end of this year.

I want to send a HUGE thank you to the Coaches at CrossFit for this honor! And another shout out to all the athletes, and now friends, that have pushed me to be the best I can be! I LOVE being a part of the CrossFit Family! And lastly, LET’S GO NIGHT FLIGHT! We got this Open Challenge in the Bag!!!