Athlete of the Month - Don Lowrance


WOW... I’m speechless. Athlete of the Month?! “Athlete” and
Donald Lowrance haven't been in the same breath in over twenty
five years ๐Ÿ˜‚ .

Seven and a half years ago, I started down a new career path which
required me to relocate from Detroit to St. Louis. At that time, I had
no clue of what was to come. I was distanced from everyone and
everything I was accustomed to. Distancing gave me the space and
opportunity to see myself for what I had really become. No longer
was I guarded by delusion, but I finally saw a man closing in on
400+ lbs (again), diabetic (type 2), high blood pressure, high
cholesterol, SVT, anxiety, depression, and whatever else medical
science didn’t find.

April 2019, a few days before my forty-second birthday, I was
resolved that my latter days wouldn’t be like my former. My fitness
journey began at a local spot with group workouts (not officially
CrossFit, but comparable). I was so determined and motivated, I
raised the bar on their point system by completing two a days,
walking 20 miles per week, at-home workouts, and nutrition. In
addition, I finished several 5k’s and a half marathon. Not bad for
someone with an initial mile time of twenty minutes.

Late January 2020, what I was accustomed to would change again.
Due to scheduling conflicts, I was forced to find a new gym and
thankfully it was TNT ๐Ÿงจ ! Ever since I walked through the doors
here, I’ve experienced a whole new level of professionalism,
leadership, coaching, peers, determination, motivation, respect and
support. TNT has proven to be one of my best decisions in life. I’m
not close to being a finished product, but I’m committed to keep
working on it!

Special thanks to those who contributed to make this happen. This
was definitely a shocker, but I’m honored and encouraged. Oh yeah,
I forgot to mention... no more diabetic or cholesterol meds ๐Ÿ˜† .
Keep pushing!!! โœŒ