Athlete of the Month - Elizabeth Wilkins


I started coming to TNT in July 2019 as a beginner who hadn't been consistently exercising besides walking the dog a couple of miles a day. I hadn't made movement a part of my life consistently since I was a younger teen teaching Taekwondo and doing the occasional kickboxing class through the same facility. After starting college I lost the drive to exercise since I didn't have a class to do it with and it was easy to make all of the excuses about not having time between some demanding classes, work, and extracurricular activities. I finally got a consistent work schedule two years back after the American Red Cross merged their blood donor testing lab with another company and I started looking into group classes that would work with my schedule and emailed a couple of different gyms to try to get more information and only Lyndy responded and invited me to try my first Swift class. I got so much encouragement and welcome from my first class I knew I wanted to keep coming back. All the coaches here are so encouraging even if they write something insane on the board like "Death by Burpees" I know I won't actually die.

My work schedule changed again in August (but still on the night shift) and I miss my buddies Wednesday-Friday that I consistently saw. I've gotten so much support and love the feeling of being in a community over the last two years and I hope to continue for many more years.