Athlete of the Month - Elizabeth Wollenberg


In November 2017, my husband, Mark, and I relocated to St. Charles from Raleigh, North Carolina for Mark’s job. I had been doing a small group training class in NC since 2015 and had become very close with a group of people, so of course one of my biggest fears in moving was losing that. After a month of settling in from our move, my priority was to find group training and a new home gym so I could get back into my fitness routine. In December 2017, I took my first Swift class and it was just what I had been looking for and I felt so welcomed right away.

In the 2 months leading up to our move to Missouri (like relocating isn’t stressful enough), I had also been dealing with the death of my grandpa and the loss of our first dog. I was not only able to get back into my fitness routine, but I also tapped into some coaching advice to help me put weight back on that I had lost during the stress of everything. I have worked from home for 7 years now so going to the gym is my social time and without Swift I wouldn’t have that. I have made great friends along the way and even convinced my husband to join me in a partner challenge and become a member last year.

I enjoy the variety of the workouts, LOVE summertime swim WODs and appreciate the community of members and coaches that support you no matter what stage you are at in your life. I am now heading into my 3
rd trimester of pregnancy and am still able to remain active and participate in the daily workouts safely with the proper modifications, that is a major win to me. We have a lot of changes coming up in the Fall this year and I look forward to continuing my fitness journey at TNT!