Athlete of the Month - John Kelly


Back in May of 2021 when I joined this diverse fitness community of like-minded “Goal
Getters” I had just attempted my first SWIFT class time cap that included Wallballs, V-Ups,
and Russian kettlebell swings. After the longest 14 minutes of my life, I gasped for air and asked myself the
important question, “What the hell am I doing, and can I cut this?” Today, and 300+
SWIFT classes later, I’m incredibly fueled and humbled to be the July 2022 AOM at
TNT Fitness.

Thank you TNT Coaches for this awesome nomination and for pushing me “in a healthy
way” to reach new limits. Thank you TNT community for being accepting to the TNT
“Newcomers” that work up the courage to walk through that front door for the first time
by greeting themselves with a sweaty smile. I’m stronger, faster, and more motivated than
ever because of the “Today Not Tomorrow” decision made back in May of 2021. No
looking back now, just forward! Cheers to all for the encouragement, EMOMs, RFQs,
AMRAPS, fist-bumps, PRs, and laughs endured together.