Athlete of the Month - Kari Tyson


I started my Crossfit journey in Madison, WI about 4 1/2 years ago. As most crossfitters know, the obsession is strong and loyalty to your first box can be even stronger.

My husband and I moved to St. Charles last year and I immediately searched for a new gym. Crossfit TNT was my first stop, and an hour later I was a member. The programing at TNT is outstanding, the members are friendly and encouraging, and the coaches are just alright ;) I kid. The coaches are kind, attentive and extremely knowledgeable.

I will be starting nursing school in September and will, unfortunately, be unable to attend CrossFit. I will greatly miss my time at TNT and look forward to stopping back in many times in the future!

I am extremely honored to be chosen Mrs. August at Crossfit TNT :)