Athlete of the Month - Kate Davis


I do not, nor have I ever, considered myself an athletic person. When we were newly married, Michael tried to be my personal trainer and motivator. He has always been passionate about fitness and was sure he could teach me. He quickly learned that he could not hold both the title of husband and trainer! Thankfully he chose husband and left me alone to enjoy my couch time! Two years ago, in a last-ditch effort, he goaded me into trying CrossFit as part of his birthday present. I was sore for a week. I very hesitantly signed up for a punch card knowing that it very well may take me the whole year to use those 10 visits. But during that time something changed, much to my surprise, I actually began to enjoy working out.

Over the last two years, I have accomplished things I never thought possible. My favorite achievement has been running. Track was my family’s sport but I didn’t make it past 7th grade because my knees hurt and no matter how long I practiced I always felt like I couldn’t breathe. I have always wished I could be that person that enjoys running but for the longest time running has been synonymous with torture. I signed up for the Runner’s High class last summer and it was a game changer. I learned the correct way to run and how to better control my breathing. Now I look forward to running in class and have even gone on a few mile runs at home, for fun!

There is something special about CrossFit TNT. The coaches, the friendly faces, and the never-ending encouragement have allowed me to simply be me and work on bettering myself. CrossFit has changed my perspective on fitness. It isn’t about being the fastest or the strongest or the fittest. It’s about me. It’s about doing more than I did yesterday; it’s about struggling through a WOD but not giving up; it’s about becoming the best version of myself and having fun doing it.

I am truly grateful to Michael for pushing me to join CrossFit TNT. Thank you to the coaches for taking the time to invest in me and helping me improve. And thank you to all the other athletes for always pushing me and not letting me give up.