Athlete Of The Month - Katie Kelly


I never thought I would say that I look forward to going to the gym, much less CrossFit, and I’ve never considered myself an athlete, much less a TNT Athlete of the Month! In fact, when I walked into TNT for my first Transformation Academy class in March of 2017, I saw people lifting barbells and thought, “nope!” I was looking for more energy to keep up with a set of twins and a four year old and stay reasonably sane at work – certainly muscles and callused hands were overkill! Fast-forward to today, and I’m high-fiving the 5 a.m. crew after busting out two dozen (albeit light) snatches, and then picking my calluses during meetings at the office (so gross, I know).

Now before I get carried away, I’ll admit that I don’t look forward to many-a-WOD, but TNT is so much more to me than just “going to the gym.” It’s the place I go to become stronger and push my limits, mentally and physically; the place I go to relieve stress; the place I go to spend time with some of my greatest friends and motivators; and the place I go to show my three daughters that health is a priority, and that strong women are fierce.

I’m so grateful to the coaches at TNT for the energy and passion they put into cultivating, motivating and growing such a diverse community of athletes and friends. I’m also grateful to my fellow TNT athletes – you all inspire and motivate me in different ways, and are nice enough to check on me when I smash my face with a wall ball multiple times in a single WOD!

Suffice to say, I got a lot more than I bargained for when I walked into TNT – callused hands and all! I’m honored to be a TNT Athlete of the Month, excited to see what I can push to accomplish next (a kipping pull-up, fingers crossed!) and blessed every day to sweat alongside TNT my friends!